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The 59th annual WA/BC JCL state convention, one of the oldest annual State/Provincial JCL conventions, will be held at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. Updates posted as they are released, Contest Rules will be posted the evening of February 14, 2006.

Notable Events All Events
That's Entertainment
Everyone is talking about it and you can win cash and prizes!
Certamen Preliminaries
Play Certamen, want to Learn? You want to attend this event.
Swimming Competition
Can you swim fast? We bet you can, and maybe win a ribbon.
Senior Classical League
These folks are always doing the hard work...why? Find out here!

Important Dates and Files

Things To Remember

 Fall Planning Meeting

October 19, 2005

 Convention Registrations Available November 11, 2005

 NJCL & State JCL Registrations Due

Feb 1, 2006

 Convention Registrations Due

March 1, 2006

 Certamen Preliminaries

March 18, 2006

 SCL Pre-Convention Dinner TBA

 Convention Begins

April 29-30, 2005


 Registration Forms:

Convention Registration Forms
(Convention Registration Forms)


 Other Important Documents:

Convention Information Overview Sheet
(Convention Overview)
Official Certamen Rules
(Official Rues and Regulations for Certamen participants)

Convention Schedule

(Proposed Convention Schedule)

Marysville-Pilchuck High School
5611 108th St. NE
Marysville, WA. 98271-8898
360-657-0900 (Voice)
360-659-1364 (Fax)
April 29-30, 2006
$59.00 USD
(Approximately ~$67.50 CAD, Canadian chapters should contact the Host School to clarify the exact monetary conversion.)
Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore
I hope that the memory of our friendship will be everlasting
Costume Contest:
Girls: Celaeno
Boys: Tantalus
Couples: Echo and Narcissus

Convention Host Contacts:
Mr. Jopseph Klomparens, Host Sponsor
Kristina Modjeski, State President


The SCL thanks all the teams and schools that attended. The ranking are as follows, the top three teams with the highest combined round score totals will continue to convention and are bolded in the following.

Final Certamen Bracket


Novice Lever Lower Level Upper Level
Lakeside Upper
Overlake 4
Overlake 3

Lakeside Lower
Overlake 3
Overlake 1
Marysville 1
Marysville 2
Lakeside Upper

St. George's

Good Luck to the top three going into Convention, Study Hard!

As announced at the Fall Planning Meeting by Mr. Klomparens and Kristina Modjeski, 2005-2006 WA/BC JCL President, the 2006 convention hotel is:
Holiday Inn-Everett
3105 Pine Street
Everett, WA, 98021


To make reservations, please contact

Alford Northcutt, Sales Manager:
(425) 339-2000 (voice)
(425) 339-5350 (fax)

General Convention Information

Ian Logan
General Contests Chair
JCL State Chairperson

Senior Classical League
American Classical League

Dana O'Day-Senior
Olympika Events Chair
That's Entertainment
Senior Classical League
Andrew Lee
Graphic Arts Chair
That's Entertainment
Senior Classical League
American Classical League


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