Walk the World 21 May 2006... the World Walked!

Here are some of our Walk the World events under the spotlight:
Drumming away hunger
Indianapolis - kissing hunger goodbye!
Schools in Grozny walk against hunger
Drumming in the streets to end child hunger
South Korea:
Singer Jo Su-mi and Olympic Gold Medalist Hwang Young-Jo join the fight against hunger
Lebanon joins the fight against hunger
Dodoma and Dar es Salaam walk against hunger
Grassroots Walks:
The wonderful people who joined us to fight hunger
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The latest from our blog...

Chechnya joined Walk the World

Submitted by Ella Carpenter on 9 June, 2006 - 10:40.

Some very moving photos have come in from a Walk that took place in Chechnya. WFP has a small office based there, and some of the beneficiary children walked the streets of the capital Grozny on 21 May. Find out more about this walk on the Spotlight page

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Video from the summit of Everest!

Submitted by Ella Carpenter on 6 June, 2006 - 09:06.

Mark "Squiz" Squirrel climbed to the top of Everest to Fight Hunger -- and here's the video to prove it!



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Fight Hunger Walk the World on CNN

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 5 June, 2006 - 12:08.

Walk the World received media coverage from all over the world including a total of 37 minutes of prime news coverage on CNN. Watch the highlights here


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Rallying hunger away!

Submitted by Ella Carpenter on 2 June, 2006 - 13:32.

By Gihan Ragab
From Oberstaufen to Amman a mixed group of 250 people from Germany, Austria, Jordan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Australia, Italy gathered with a far fetched dream of driving cars with a value of 2000 Euros each!

The challenge became even more worthwhile when the Jordanian National Alliance Against Hunger, World Food Programme and NGO Mount Nebbo organizer Sakhr Al Fayez together with the Oberstaufen Municipality teamed -- after a workshop on raising awareness for German youth-- to support development projects and raise awareness along the route on hunger and poverty.

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Cristiana Pegoraro concert for children in Gambia

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 1 June, 2006 - 11:03.

Fight Hunger has the pleasure to present a concert by pianist Cristiana Pegoraro in support of World Food Programme School Feeding in Gambia. The concert will feature music by Schubert, Beethoven, Piazzolla, Lecuona, and Ms. Pegoraro herself.

Saturday 10 June 2006 at 21:00 hrs in the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Sala Petrassi, Viale Pietro de Coubertin, 30 - Rome, Italy

For information on tickets offices please call 00 39 348 5463 345 or find an outlet near you. The tickets are also available at the box office of the Auditorium.

To find out more about Christine Pegoraro and other Fight Hunger musicians please visit our music section.

Per più informazioni in italiano sul concerto di Cristiana Pegoraro, leggi il comunicato stampa.

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Three new wonderful songs for Walk the World!

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 31 May, 2006 - 14:33.

Walk the World has a wonderful community of musicians who are using their skills to help spread the word about child hunger. Here are the latest additions - one from Sierra Leone, one from Jordan and one from Italy. Listen and enjoy!

Jay 1 (Sierra Leone): Walk the World!

Macadi (Jordan): Feed the Hungry

Christian Calcatelli (Italy): A Walk... A Life

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Walk the World Media Stream

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 30 May, 2006 - 12:18.

See this specially prepared film that covers Walk the World 2006. Feel free to use this for any media coverage:
For fast connections

For slow connections

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