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If you've been living under a rock for the past year you may not have noticed that the Jeans and Denim market has come back BIG TIME. Bigger and more sophisticated than it ever was before. CLICK HERE to educate yourself regarding ALL THINGS DENIM...

Designer Blue jeanís shopping information Jean's history and guides to understand cut, fit, styles, washes and best fit for your body type.


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A few seasonable shopping suggestions..

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  Southern California Directory


Now we're a
streetcar stop
on The Rail...

The Rail


Hippie Jeans
will be offering updated denim designs this Spring...

Other haute lines
will come from Antik,
Chip & Pepper, AG

and Rock & Republic.

Experts say the new shapes in denim go to two extremes: a drain-pipe skinny fit and the 29-inch elephant-leg pant.

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Some of the things you can change
about your life:

. . . your clothes!

And your shoes, your furniture, your Art, your books,
your mode of transportation. And your music,
your food, your friends, your appliances.
And what about your attitude?
Your vocabulary?
It's all about fashion.
Fashion is about change.
Shopping for fashion is my obsession.

Are you ready to take a trip through the lame, vapid,
esoteric, contemporary, ambiguous, phoney, flirtatious, bogus, and only rarely magnificent world of retail fashion online?

re you prepared to do some adventurous shopping ?
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