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The Minnesota Interregional Corridor System

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The Interregional Corridor Study includes key transportation corridors in Minnesota and was adopted by MnDOT in January 2000 as part of the State Transportation Plan. The emphasis of the system is on providing efficient connections between regional trade centers (as defined by the University of Minnesota Center for Urban and Regional Affairs). The goal of the Interregional Corridor System is to enhance the economic vitality of the state by providing safe, timely, and efficient movement of goods and people. The corridors tie the state together by connecting people with jobs, distributors with manufacturers, shoppers with retailers and tourists with recreational opportunities.

The Interregional Corridor System is comprised of 2,960 miles of highways, which represents only two percent of all roadway miles in the state. However, this small percentage of highways accounts for one-third of all vehicle miles traveled, and the use of these highways is increasing. Traffic volumes on the Interregional Corridor System have risen by 50 percent in the last ten years and are expected to double by the year 2020.
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In response to traffic growth trends and signal proliferation on interregional corridors, MnDOT has developed mobility performance targets. In addition to safety, the key performance measure is speed, which is easily understood by the public, and is indirectly a measure for travel time. The minimum performance targets established for the Interregional Corridor System are:

  • 60+ miles per hour for High Priority Interregional Corridors
  • 55+ miles per hour for Medium Priority Interregional Corridors

Mn/DOT is implementing measures to maintain and improve the Interregional Corridor System including:

  • Completing corridor plans and establishing management plans on each interregional corridor in cooperation with local units of government
  • Focusing new funding on needed improvements for parts of the interregional system that are now or will be operating below performance targets
  • Improving safety on the system

Interregional Corridor System Map 499 KB (Revised April 2005)

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