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Activated water

Smirnov, Igor (2003) Activated water . Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 6(2).

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This particular article relates to subtle electrical effects, and provides some evidence of a fundamental nature on how electromagnetic fields might be utilized to modify the molecular arrangements and activity of water. I have focused my efforts on the water molecule to show that it can be activated both for physical processes and for influences on cellular life structures. Activated water is produced with the help of patented, non-chemical Molecular Resonance Effect Technology. The process of water activation induces the formation of water molecular clusters similar to water molecular structures found in living cells. The basic idea of Molecular Resonance Effect Technology is the direct transmission of prerecorded molecular activity signals to biological systems with the help of Activated Water. These messages are imprinted in water during the process of activation. The effect of Activated Water on molecular complexes, such as bacteria, viruses, and abnormal cells, can be explained by the fundamental physical phenomenon of electromagnetism, such as resonance, constructive and destructive interference.

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Keywords:activated water, restructured water, subtle electromagnetic effects, modified hydrogen bonding. ej03016
Subjects:Biological Sciences > Molecular Biology > Biotechnology
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