Index of the Regiments and Corps of the British West Indies & Atlantic Ocean
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Register and Index of the

Regiments and Corps of the

Atlantic: Bahamas Bermuda Falklands St. Helena    
Mainland: Belize Guyana  
Leeward: Anguilla Antigua&Barbuda Jamaica Montserrat St Kitts&Nevis     
Windward: Barbados Dominica Grenada St Lucia St Vincent Trinidad      
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Index of Regiments and Corps
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Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force  1956-present
Antigua Defence Force  1897-1946
Antigua Militia
Bahamas Militia
Barbadian Rangers 1781-1783
Barbadoes Regiment of Dragoons  1672-1674
Barbadoes Regiment of Foot, Bridge's  1667-166?
Barbadoes Regiment of Foot, Russell's   1694-1698
Barbados Battalion
Barbados Militia  1695-1902
Barbados Volunteer Force   1902-1942
The Barbados Regiment  1948-present
Barbados Volunteer Emigrants 1803-18??
Belize Defence Force  1976-present
Belize Volunteer Guard
Bermuda Militia Artillery   1902-1965
The Bermuda Regiment  1965-present
The Bermuda Rifles 1951-1965
Bermuda Volunteer Engineers
Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps  1895-1946
Black Carolina Corps 1779-1795
Black Corps, O'Meara's [St. Lucia]

Black Garrison Companies for the Defence & Protection of the Bahamas 

British Guiana Militia  1891--1948
British Guiana Militia Artillery
British Guiana Volunteer Force   1878-1966 
British Honduras Defence Force
British Honduras Territorial Force
British Honduras Volunteer Guard   1814-1928
The British West Indies Regiment  1915-1921
The Caribbean Regiment  1944-1946
Carolina Corps  1779-1795
Chasseurs Britanniques de Sainte-Domingue, Montalembert's  1794-1798
Chasseurs de George III    1792-1798
Chasseurs de la Cayemitte  1795-1798
Chasseurs des Irois  1795-1798
De Coehorn's Company   1800- ? 
Colonial Marines 1814-1816
Corps of Black Military Artificers  1793- ? 
Corps of Black Pioneers  1793- ? 
Corps of Military Labourers 1817-1888
Corps des Négres
Curaçao Militia  1810-1816
Demerara Volunteers   1796- ? 
Dessource's Legion  1793-1798
Dominica Defence Force  1935- ? 
Dominica Defence Reserve  1912-1919
Dominica Rangers   1814-1832?
Dutch Battalion, 3rd [Curaçao]  1800-1802
Falklands Islands Companies 1857-?
Falkland Islands Defence Force 1920-present
Falkland Islands Volunteer Corps 1892-1919
French (Black) Chasseurs   1798- ? 
Garrison Companies [West Indies] 1803-1817
Gendarmes Royaux Anglais  1794-1798
Grenada Militia
[Grenada] Special Services Unit   1983-present
Grenada Volunteer Corps
Grenada Volunteer Force 1974-1979
Grenadiers Britanniques de Sainte-Domingue, Montalembert's  1794-1798
Guadeloupe Militia  1810-1814
Guadeloupe Rangers, Druault's  1794- ? 
Guyana Defence Force  1964-present
Guyana People's Militia  1976-present
[Haiti] Maréchaussée et Guides   1793-1798
Haiti Militia   1793-1798
The Islands Battalion
Jamaica Artillery 1842-?
Jamaica Corps of Foot 1776-1783
Jamaica Defence Force  1962-present
Jamaica Engineer Corps
The Jamaica Infantry Volunteers   1939-1954
Jamaica Legion 1779-1780
Jamaica Militia  1662-1906
Jamaica Militia Artillery
Jamaica Rangers 1779-178?
Jamaica Regiment 1780-1783
The Jamaica Regiment 1962-present
Jamaica Volunteers 1779-1781
Kina's Corps   1792-1798
The Kingston Infantry Volunteers  1906-1939
Leeward Islands Battalion
Légion de la Grande Anse  1793-1795
Legion d'York  1794-1798
Loyal Black Rangers 
Loyal Dominica Regiment  1795- ? 
Loyal Orange Battalion, Van Well's  1796-1802
The Loyal Trinidad Regiment
Malcolm's Royal Rangers   1795
Martinique Militia   1795-1802,
Montserrat Defence Force
Montserrat Militia
99th Regiment of Foot (Jamaica Regiment) 1780-1783
North Caribbean Force  1942-1947
The Queen's Bermuda Infantry 1840-1844
Regiment of Dragoons at the Havannah  1757-1763
Royal Bahamas Defence Force   1980-present
Royal Foreign Artillery   1803-1817
Royal Island Rangers, de Soter's  1795- ?
Royal Trinidad Artillery
The Royal Trinidad Light Dragoons
The Royal Trinidad Regiment
The Royal West India Rangers 1806-1819
Royal York Rangers 1807-1807
The Royal York Rangers  1808-1819
St. Christopher Militia
St. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla Defence Force   1896-1981
St. Helena Artillery  
St. Helena Corps 1795-1802? 
St. Helena Militia  
The St. Helena Regiment 1842-1865
The St. Helena Rifles 1914 -1946
St. Helena Volunteer Corps 1870?-1900?
St. Helena Volunteers 1803?-1834
St. Kitts and Nevis Defence Force 1997-present
St. Lucia Defence Force
St. Lucia Volunteer Corps
St. Vincent Militia
St. Vincent Rangers  1795
St. Vincent Volunteer Corps
South American Rangers  1796- ? 
South Caribbean Force  1942-1947
Surinam Chasseurs   1804-1818
Tobago Militia  1803- ? 
The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force  1962-present
The Trinidad and Tobago Regiment  1962-present
The Trinidad Light Horse (Yeomanry)
The Trinidad Light Infantry (Volunteers)
Trinidad Volunteer Artillery
Trinidad Volunteers
Tristan Defence Volunteers
Uhlans Britanniques de Sainte Domingue, Charmilly's  1794-1795
Virgin Islands Militia
The West India Regiment 1888-1927
The West India Regiment 1959-1962
West India Regiment, 1st 1795-1888
West India Regiment, 2nd 1795-1888
West India Regiment, 3rd  1795-1819,
West India Regiment, 4th  1795-1819,
West India Regiment, 5th  1795-1817
West India Regiment, 5th 1863-1865
West India Regiment, 6th  1795-1817
West India Regiment, 7th  1795-1802
West India Regiment, 7th  1802-1817?
West India Regiment, 8th  1795-1802
West India Regiment, 8th  1802-1803
West India Regiment, 9th  1798-1802
West India Regiment, 10th  1798-1802
West India Regiment, 11th  1798-1803
West India Regiment, 12th  1798-1803
Windward Islands Battalion
The York Light Infantry Volunteers  1803-1817
The York Rangers 1803-1805