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These are all the sexy people who get things done here at Atomic Fire. You can contact them if you have questions concerning specific aspects of the site, or you can just get to know them better. The general titles that each staff member has is essentially vague, as the work each member does is mostly dictated by what they enjoy doing as opposed to a specific title or task. Please do not persistantly bug or harass any of the staff members, that's just not cool. Show respect when contacting. Take heed that all of the e-mail addresses are written with (at) replacing @ and (dot) replacing . to throw off e-mail spam sniffers. Also be aware that Atomic Fire is currently not seeking new staff members, but if you feel you can do something really special, go ahead and send a word on it.

 Handle: Heat Man
 Real Name: Adam Anania
 Position: Site Manager
 E-mail: nekomancer (at) cox (dot) net
 Favorite Mega Man Game(s): Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man X, Mega Man Battle Network 2
 Favorite Mega Man Character(s): Heat Man (no kidding), Sal, Teisel Bonne, Grega Beast MegaMan

Bio: Heat Man's to blame for creating this whole mess (though it's not that bad, is it?). He's been a member of the online Mega Man community for quite some time now, maybe too long. Starting about 1997 he ran the site Heat Man's Homepage for some years, and then for two years up until the creation of AF he was co-administrator of Planet Mega Man. He has been a big fan of the Mega Man series for a while, mostly for its music, its unique characters and approachable gameplay. Aside from managing the site and making other people work, Heat Man works with multimedia content, following Mega Man/Rockman news, and translating from Japanese.

 Handle: NyNe
 Real Name: Eric Nemchik
 Position: Senior Coder
 E-mail: nemchik (at) gmail (dot) com
 AIM: iX NyNe
 MSN: nemchik (at) gmail (dot) com
 ICQ: 199965748
 YIM: ixnyne
 Favorite Mega Man Game(s): Legends (Dash) Series, and all X1-X5
 Favorite Mega Man Character(s): Zero (X Series), Bass/Forte (All Series), Axl, X

Bio: NyNe has been a website coder for six years now. The first Mega Man site he worked for was Zero Forever, but by now he's worked at many Mega Man sites, helping with scripting. He's a professional coder now and frequently makes PHP scripts that are used all over the internet. As you might imagine, NyNe coded the backbone of this entire site, and he also helps with script implimentation. NyNe also currently runs the Mega Man Community with cYnIx, where AF is hosted. So although Heat Man can say he's the site manager, he pretty much has to bend to NyNe's whims. Good times.

 Handle: Splashman
 Real Name: Sven Süss
 Position: Soundtrack Guru
 E-mail: splashman (at) balcab (dot) ch
 AIM: Igo Splashman
 MSN: igo_splashman (at) hotmail (dot) com
 ICQ: 59474873
 Favorite Mega Man Game(s): Rockman World 3, Rockman X, Rockman Zero 3
 Favorite Mega Man Character(s): Rock(man), Zero, Ciel, Harpuia

Bio: Splashman is a Rockman/Mega Man music fanatic. Determined Rockman music collector and has a slew of soundtracks, which naturally contributes to content on this site. He is also a first year IT-apprentice, and intends to use his databasing skills making an all encompassing Rockman/Mega Man music guide. Splashman also boasts that he's the biggest Rockman fan in all of Switzerland, and he also claims to be creator and god of the LX-Universe, whatever that means. We're not sure if Splash is really "with it," if you know what I mean.

 Handle: Fireman
 Real Name: Rick
 Position: Translation Correspondant
 E-mail: IH_Zero (at) hotmail (dot) com
 Favorite Mega Man Game(s): All of them
 Favorite Mega Man Character(s): FireMan, Hinoken

Bio: A great Rockman fan, Fireman is an aspiring Japanese translator who began studying the language about the same time as Heat Man. He also has a great love for Japanese culture, and intends to move to Japan sometime in the near future. His primary focus on site work is the translation of Japanese news and other Rockman information.

 Handle: Dark Napalm
 Real Name: Andrew Dickman
 Position: Media Assistant
 E-mail: awd250 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net
 Favorite Mega Man Game(s): Rockman 3, Rockman Dash 2
 Favorite Mega Man Character(s): Magnet Man, Napalm Man, Duo

Bio: Dark Napalm is first and formost an artist and animator, and has great love of the craft. He has worked on animated shows for both Warner Bros. and Nickelodean, and you can see his own personal work at his site Stafield Creations. Dark's work tends to keep him very busy, but a lot of the official artwork this site boasts comes straight from his veritable library of Rockman sourcebooks, which he continues to amass. He also procures the monthly CoroCoro comic compliations, a well known source of new Rockman information.

 Handle: RikkusRukkus
 Real Name: Rick
 Position: Coding Assistant
 E-mail: rikkusrukkus (at) gmail (dot) com
 AIM: RikkusRukkus (rarely on)
 MSN: RikkusRukkus (at) hotmail (dot) com (see above)
 Favorite Mega Man Game(s): Rockman EXE series
 Favorite Mega Man Character(s): NumberMan, Higure, PlanetMan

Bio: RikkusRukkus hails from the Netherlands and is also a practicing website coder. He intends to someday use his coding skills to make a living since there are a lot of people that will overpay you after he finishes school. Rikkus got into Rockman via playing the EXE game series, and from hanging out at the Planet Mega Man forums where he eventually became a moderator. Rikkus helps (or does entirely) install and customize scripts on AF, such as the poll and up-coming oekaki board. He also maintains AF's IRC chat room, where he can usually be found if you need to get a hold of him.

 Handle: Egoraptor
 Real Name: Arin Hanson
 Position: Merchandise Specialist
 E-mail: rotparoge (at) webmoron (dot) net
 Favorite Mega Man Game(s): Mega Man X
 Favorite Mega Man Character(s): Gyro Man, Madd, Roll.EXE

Bio: Egoraptor is so awesome. I mean, look at that freakin' pic. Awesome. Ego enjoys long walks on the beach, watching sunsets and dining at fancy restaurants. He's also, naturally, a big Mega Man fan. He has a particular interest in the merchandise of Mega Man, especially the toys. It will likely be his job to write up a great detail about toys and such from his own collection and his connections with the industry. He's also a pretty talented artist, and does a lot of the promotional imagery on this site. That's probably why he looks so awesome. Also check out his awesome site, The Many Faces of Egoraptor.

 Handle: Tabby
 Real Name: Tabitha Nicole Ramsey
 Position: Fan Coordinator
 E-mail: thetabbers (at) gmail (dot) com
 AIM: TheTabbers (but e-mail me first please)
 Favorite Mega Man Game(s): Mega Man X8, Mega Man V, Mega Man Zero 2, Mega Man Legends 2
 Favorite Mega Man Character(s): Blues (both Classic and EXE), and X

Bio: Tabby hails from the East Coast, USA. Being the only female staff member, she brings all of the estrogen to AF for now. Tabby is in charge of fan related outlets, like managing fan art, managing the upcoming oekaki board, and perhaps coming up with contests. Being a natural art hog and packrat has made this wily female into a huge Mega Man fan art fanatic. She also helps organize OtaRockman, a huge Mega Man event at Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland every year. Tabby's really cool, and also a skilled artist, which is natural given her artistic love. You can check out her site Star Nine for a lot of her work.

 Handle: Seiko
 Real Name: Steven Chase
 Position: Animation Specialist
 E-mail: pluginexe (at) gmail (dot) com
 AIM: Crimson Seiko
 Favorite Mega Man Game(s): Mega Man 8
 Favorite Mega Man Character(s): N/A

Bio: He has an unhealthy dedication to the Rockman EXE anime series and a large affinity towards MegaMan in general. His main talents revolve around writing, drawing, and graphic designing. Outside of working on his site Plug-In, endulging himself with Rockmany goodness, and whining about life, he goes to school at a local university and does graphic editting at a small computer firm. Seiko designed the finalized visual style for this site, among other sites he has designed for Heat Man's sake. He generally keeps track of happenings in Rockman/Mega Man animation news, and with luck we can get him to do some kind of animation guide.

 Handle: Delta
 Real Name: Jordan
 Position: Information Specialist
 E-mail: delta (at) megamanempire (dot) com
 AIM: AnotherDelta
 Favorite Mega Man Game(s): Mega Man 2, Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends 1-2, Mega Man Zero 4
 Favorite Mega Man Character(s): Mega Man, Metal Man, Magnet Man

Bio: Delta is one of the long-running Mega Man fans, and has been hooked to the series since MM2. As a kid, he'd draw the game characters out on paper and list them by name. This is his basis behind starting his site MegaMan Empire, and creating an online encyclopedia for Mega Man. He gets around in his work too, as he also assists Rockman Perfect Memories and Mega Man Network, and was a former administrator of DASH. His encyclopedia project is a joint effort with AF, so that's technically his work here as well. He also keeps track of Mega Man news pretty regularly. Outside of his online work, all Delta really does is math, so I'm guessing he's pretty smart.

 Handle: LightspeedEXE
 Real Name: Liam Morgan
 Position: Guide Writer
 E-mail: liamlightspeed (at) hotmail (dot) com
 MSN: liamlightspeed (at) hotmail (dot) com
 Favorite Mega Man Game(s): Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cyber Beast Grega
 Favorite Mega Man Character(s): MegaMan.EXE, Lan Hikari, ProtoMan.EXE, Bass

Bio: A resident of the UK, Lightspeed pretty much invited himself onto the staff (well it wasn't quite like that). He started into Mega Man by playing MegaMan Battle Network 2, and has gotten deeper into the franchise since. An early-on visitor of AF's chat room, Lightspeed started writing a walkthrough for Battle Network, and eventually Heat had to hire him, especially since he didn't want to write them. Writing game guides is a pretty tough job, so Lightspeed has a fairly integral role in the site.

Notable contributors: The following people, while not directly Atomic Fire staff, help support the site in some way or another. By either monitoring certain aspects of Atomic Fire, or contributing special content, they make the site work that much better.

Sol & Plantman: The two additional moderators of the Atomic Fire IRC chat. While they may be called "additional," they really take on a lot of the work of keeping the channel running smoothly, and are an extremely affective team.

Fanewgie: Fane takes the time to redraw specific piece of artwork in the official art section, usually because they don't come out well in scanning for one reason or another. A lot of the crisp classic series art is redrawn by him.

Quickman: Quickman has helped out in restoring a lot of the official artwork for Atomic Fire's use.

Grenzenlos: Gren contributes his visually dazzling wallpapers for viewers to decorate their PCs with.

Tim Foster: Tim was kind enough to make a wallpaper for use on Atomic Fire.

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