Konqueror now passes Acid2

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As the title says, Acid2 is now passed.

With the help of Hyatt's Safari patches, Ivor Hewitt(*) and I have finally made Konqueror pass Acid2 as only the second browser.

Roughly half of the Safari Acid2 patches could be merged in some form or another, and another two bugfixes could be merged from Safari 1.3 once found and isolated. The rest was written from scratch. All in all not a bad reuse of code, allthough slow.

The fixes are at the moment in KDE 3.5 branch, but will soon be merged into KDE4, and evaluated for KDE 3.4.2 inclusion.

(*) Ivor is a new KHTML developer, and author of the adblock feature.

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good by wowgoldusa
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Konqueror bug open since ages: "WEB.DE jump html fails"


as my bugreport never has been answered, I try it here:

Can you investigate into this bug?


a) It can easily be reproduced
b) It is a open Konqueror bug since KDE 3.2.2 (or earlier?)

I want to help fixing the bug, but am not a programmer.


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How's that working for you?

Is this going to become a regular way to draw attention to particular bugs?
If so, then here's one that could use some Smiling


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safari passes acid2 test??

so... is the version of safari that comes with tiger supposed to pass the acid2 test?? cause i was at my friends house earlier, and i tested the link shown on that screenshot, and apparently.. the version of safari he had (2.0; default tiger install i think), didn't render the image properly.

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It isn't supposed

The version of Safari that passes the test hasn't yet been released.

In fact, so far as I know it, no released browser passes the test. Only development versions and betas do.

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hey ho!

awesome news! and hi to Ivor, too! i've been reading your mails on kfm-devel, great to see new faces and fresh blood =)

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Sorry, but Konqueror is only the third browser to pass this test, not the second one Smiling

The beta version of iCab3 was the second one !

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A Laita Te

Congratulations, guys! Great work.

It's quite an achievement. What can we expect now? Smiling

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