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08 May 2006
Fadjr-5 artillery rocket system gets new chassis

By Christopher F Foss Jane's Land Forces Contributing Editor
Kuala Lumpur

Iran's Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO) has developed an upgraded version of the well-established Fadjr-5 333 mm (4-round) unguided surface-to-surface artillery rocket system (ARS).

The latest production of the Fadjr-5 is installed on a new Mercedes-Benz 6 x 6 forward control chassis and the platform is now integrated into a complete weapon system rather than an individual launcher. To provide a more stable firing platform four hydraulically operated stabilisers are lowered to the ground before firing.

The new chassis has improved cross-country mobility and the forward control fully enclosed cab provides space for the driver and two passengers. Another fully enclosed cabin to the immediate rear of the cab houses the remainder of the crew. The new Mercedes-Benz chassis is similar to that manufactured in China, which is used as the basis for the Norinco (China North Industries Corporation) 122 mm (40-round) Type 90 ARS.

While the primary role of this ARS is the engagement of land targets, AIO says that a radar can be added to give the system the capability to track and engage naval targets.

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