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The Atlas of Australian Birds 

The ongoing Atlas

Following publication of the The New Atlas of Australian Birds, the Atlas is now in its ongoing phase where it continues to grow as one of the most important environmental databases in the world. Atlas data forms the basis for research such as The State of Australia's Birds.

The Atlas would not exist without the efforts of our 7,000+ atlassers, who spend many hours in the field equipped with binoculars, field guides, GPS units and notebooks.


To support our atlassers and the ongoing Atlas, Birds Australia has launched Birdata. This is a new web site devoted to the Atlas where atlassers can enter new data and gain feedback about their surveys and sites.

Birdata isn't just about data entry. At its core is sophisticated software that maps the distribution of every Australian bird. General birdlists for any part of the country are also available by clicking on the Birdata map.

Atlassers should note that the paper Atlas forms will continue to be used. Birdata provides an electronic data entry point for those that wish to use it.

Join the Atlas

If you could like to become an atlasser please contact Andrew Silcocks at the Birds Australia National Office.

Atlas resources

Applications of the Atlas Project

Atlas Advisory Comittee

Atlas manual (408 kb PDF)

Atlas aims and search methods

Volunteer newsletter for the latest atlas news (#21, 604 kb PDF)

Regional organisers contact list (20 kb PDF) and map (100 kb PDF)

Download a high quality sample page from The New Atlas of Australian Birds
Rainbow Bee-eater - 376 kb




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