This is the home of the virtual Everglades Region. The region begins at the southern edge of the City of Orlando and extends southward through Key West and beyond. The region has many ecological systems including the Kissimmee, Okeechobee, Everglades, Big Cypress Swamp, Rookery Bay, Ten Thousand Islands, Biscayne Bay, Florida Bay, Florida, Florida Keys, and others in the peninsular area of Florida.

The Everglades Village serves:
    hundreds of unique species of plants and animals, millions of Floridians and tens of millions of guests.
The Everglades Village exists for achieving: a sustainable and livable environment for both its human and wildlife inhabitants, many of which, are in danger of becoming extinct.

The Everglades Village provides knowledge and resources for:
  • fulfilling personal needs and interests,
  • furthering the understanding and abilities to coexist with nature, and
  • joining the efforts to restore the ecosystems and the communities in southern Florida.

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