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What the Hell! 7th Heaven Killed Everwood!
And here we were directing all of our anger at One Tree Hill, when it turns out it was 7th Heaven's
last-minute reprieve that chopped down our precious Everwood! Shortly before CW's inaugural upfront presentation today, a well-placed source told me that Everwood was originally slated to be a part of the newbie net's schedule next fall. (In fact, there's still an Everwood page on CW's website.) But then the ratings came in for Heaven's "series" finale, and Ostroff ordered an 11th season instead. All of this was essentially confirmed by Ostroff herself when we went toe-to-toe earlier today at Madison Square Garden. Below is our brief Q&A.

Ausiello: There are a lot of angry Everwood fans out there. They just don't understand why it's the only "bubble" show not returning.
Everwood was honestly the toughest decision. It really was. We knew we wanted to make room on the schedule for at least one new drama.... And when you look at the shows that we're bringing back and what went with what, really, Everwood was the hardest show to fit into the configuration. It was really, really hard because the fans are really devoted.

Ausiello: One of the theories going around is that the moment you decided to bring 7th Heaven back, Everwood died.
(Crickets) It was, you know... it really came down to those two shows. It was such a tough call. Look, we're launching a new network, we wanted to have the best shot we could. Not only for the new network, but also for Runaway, which is a family drama.

Ausiello: Did you ever think about keeping both 7th Heaven and Everwood? They have a pretty good thing going on Monday night.
The thing is, Everwood couldn't really start the night. We looked at the ratings for Everwood, and leading off the night...

Ausiello: No, I'm talking about leaving Everwood where it is at 9 pm after 7th Heaven.
We wanted to put a new show on the air, and Runaway is a really good show. We couldn't have the whole schedule of returning shows.

Ausiello: What about giving Everwood a 13-episode commitment? That way, if Runaway tanks, Everwood could be on deck to fill in.
(Sigh) We wanted to try something new.

Ausiello: I hear the decision to renew Heaven was made after the ratings for the finale came in. True?
It [drew] over seven million people. It's hard to ignore that.

You know what else is hard to ignore? Five million pissed-off Everwood fans.
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Comments: 114 Last Post Jun 2, 2006 11:49 PM by: beej »
And there's a reason why the 'series' finale had 7 million viewers--series finale being the key words. A lot of people like to tune into series finales of shows they used to watch to see how it ends, but that doesn't mean that those 7 million are going to return to watching the show this fall.
Exactly, Lee, thank you for posting that. I totally agree. What a joke, advertise that episode as the series finale and have it take the place of Everwood, the last quality family drama on television.

Some fans are going to start a letter writing campaign to other networks in hopes that it will be picked up. For contact information, please check out this link:

It's a long shot, but Everwood deserves a fighting chance.
I'm floored. Just utterly floored. Why they wouldn't give Everwood at least a 13 episode committment doesn't make any kind of sense to me. Plus they have a whole hour available on the schedule for "Top Model" encores! Shame on you, CW. Shame. R.I.P. Everwood, you will be missed.
Dawn Ostroff is an idiot. A complete idiot. She is putting ratings over good quality TV. It was ratings stunt! Of course people tuned into the SERIES finale of 7th Heaven. They wanted to see it die. End.

Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Rude. What a lie. And a lame lame excuse for killing Everwood.
She sounded like a weak woman in this interview. Her responses weren't very informative or intellectual and she can't be that dumb to believe all those 7 million viewers will keep watching the show. If she does, well, why is running a network. I don't even watch Everwood and this desicion was the stupidest by far at the 2006 Upfronts. According to Jim's renewal is a close second.
Oh Dawn. Your faith in Veronica Mars made me respect you - this? Not so much. I'm at peace with Everwood's demise, but not at the hands of dreck like 7th Heaven.

Is that why an official CW page for Everwood exists?

I will start off by saying I'm sorry to all you Everwood fans. I know it must be terrible to have your show cancelled. But I am glad that it was not One Tree Hill that got Everwood cancelled. I don't really like 7th Heaven so i don't care if you get mad at it. I love One Tree Hill though and I hated that everyone was bashing the show. Well all that bashing was for nothing, because its not One Tree Hill's fault. I hope you guys had fun wasting your time.
Tragic loss, I must say. I wasn't upset about Everwood going, because I assumed it was for some decent reason...but now...Now I'm enraged, and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. 7th Heaven over Everwood...Dumbest move of any network. I cannot believe it. I simply cannot believe it....
I have to admit that I haven't watched Everwood in awhile but I am shocked at the stupidity CW has taken by not renewing it. Plus I agree, those 7 million people tuned in to see the series end not for a season finale. I would just hope that by sweeps, CW will be seriously regretting this stupid decision.
This is freaking BS and I hate Dawn Ostroff. Sorry, I'm filled with rage here. DUH the SERIES FINALE for a show that's been on the air for like 20 million years is going to bring in a lot of viewers. BUT IT'S A HORRIBLE SHOW!!!

Oh man, I was sad before, but now, I'm PISSED.

I don't even understand.
I am soo pissed. I am a huge Veronica Mars fan and I'm not even watching it next season. Down with the CW. Who bases a renewal on Series Finale ratings. She's an idiot and she shouldnt be running a network.
I agree with so many who think the only reason why 7th Heaven got the ratings it did was because it was a series finale.

We have been talking about all of the finales at work this week and to the person nobody understands how either 7th Heaven or OTH could have been renewed over Everwood. It is like preferring a fast food meal over a home cooked one.

Were it not for Veronica Mars I would be livid at The CW. It was my number one pick for a MUST return, but Everwood was only a hair behind it.

I hope the ratings for 7th Heaven tank badly. I can't imagine anyone really wanting to watch it anymore. It has been done for several seasons and it was finally put out of our misery.
Ausiello, I'm really surprised there you didn't laugh in her face during most of these so-called explanations. The woman obviously doesn't even know why Everwood isn't on her own schedule. She can't even justify it, which would be so funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

A couple comments to her responses:

"We couldn't have the whole schedule of returning shows."

Honey, have you even looked at your own schedule. The CW IS basically a whole schedule of returning shows. You have ONE new fall show and ONE new midseason show. C'mon, try a bit harder next time.

"Ostroff: (Sigh) We wanted to try something new."

Uh huh, that's great. How does renewing Everwood for thirteen episodes for the midseason stop that exactly? Oh doesn't. Thanks for not answering the question Dawnie.

"Look, we're launching a new network, we wanted to have the best shot we could."

Riiight, which is why you put a bloody repeat on a primetime slot. Yeah, that's giving the network the best chance, sure. Do you think we're that stupid? You have Everybody Hates Chris 7! Yeah, totally giving things the best chance, indeed. This isn't just her on crack, it's her being utterly delusional to her own decisions.

Everyone else makes good points about her basing 7th Heaven's return on the series finale, which is just sad. How does this woman have this job if she's doing such a thing? Honestly, now.

I think I'll stop now before I get angry, but you know what? I'm almost happy that Everwood isn't on the CW, because I wouldn't want a person like Dawn Ostroff being in charge of it.

(sorry for the longish post, but I had a lot to get out)
At the beginning of the sixth season of The West Wing, John Wells wrote the first few episodes wherein he pissed all over Jed and Leo's friendship, then gave Leo a heart attack and left him collapsed alone in the woods in the middle of Camp David. After I watched that episode, I was wishing someone would go find John Wells and gut him like a fish. Because she brought back Veronica Mars, I can't quite stir up that level of anger for Dawn Ostroff. What I can say is that I'll watch Veronica and I'll give the new guy in charge of Gilmore Girls a chance (mainly because of the TV crush on Lauren Graham and the growing one on Alexis Bledel), but that the rest of the network is dead to me.

And, I've read since last season how much Dawn likes Veronica Mars and wanted to give that show every chance to succeed, even giving it the best lead-in they had at UPN, America's Next Top Model. I know the better lead in didn't do too much to improve ratings this year, but I have to say, as a bitterly disappointed fan, given the level of crossover ANTM and Veronica had in terms of fan base, ANTM and Everwood must have at least as much. By which I mean, One Tree Hill really didn't need to come back. I wrote it off at the beginning of last season because Veronica was so good while it was so bad.
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