Marketers, media companies and wireless carriers have now fully understood that mobile messaging is an important new marketing and communications channel.

Every day, more and more Media make the choice of using Premium text messaging to bridge the communication gap between audience and their program, in order to deliver a truly interactive user experience! It is instant, it is fast and it can work from any handset today.

By empowering your campaign with PSMS, you can actually reach 100% of your audience, without even being on-line!
Qmobile Inc. can bring you to the new era of Mobile messaging, having active connections with more than 25 wireless carriers worldwide.

Qmobile Inc. was among the first companies globally to enter the mobility market and developed some of the earliest commercially available SMS and WAP applications. Qmobile focuses on the exploration and development of market-defining mobile solutions and on demonstrating how next-generation wireless applications can enrich and enhance business and personal life. Sales of mobile phones now exceed sales of personal computers and automobiles combined; soon there will be more mobile phones than televisions worldwide. The Mobile Solutions teams at Qmobile helps clients identify understand and anticipate the impact of mobile technology on their business practices and strategies.



Latest News

7/15/2007 Qmobile Announces Series B Funding And Robust Subscriber Growth

2/18/2005 QMobile reaches 200.000 subscribers in the first 3 months of service

2/18/2005 Qmobile launches ringtones in 1100 TV stations nationwide

10/5/2004 Ringtones for Papa John’s Pizzas

9/25/2004 Ringtones for Spin Magazine

7/16/2004 Ringtones 4 Rollingstone magazine

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