Vascular Devices

Abbott is actively involved in the treatment of vascular disease, combining the latest medical device innovations with world-class pharmaceuticals to advance medicine and improve patient care. Our vascular business offers a comprehensive portfolio of coronary, endovascular and vessel closure products that are recognized internationally for their safety, effectiveness and ease of use in treating patients with vascular disease.

Coronary Technologies

Abbott offers a broad line of interventional cardiology and peripheral devices, which includes stents, stent grafts, balloon devices, guiding and diagnostic catheters.

Current research and development includes:

Endovascular Technologies

Abbott offers a number of self-expanding and balloon expandable stents, as well as catheters for endovascular procedures. In September 2005, we became the second company to enter the U.S. market with a minimally invasive carotid stent system to treat patients with carotid artery disease: the XactCarotid Stent and Emboshield Embolic Protection System. Our carotid stent is the first stent designed specifically for the carotid artery.

Current research and development includes:

Vessel Closure Technologies

Our vessel closure portfolio includes suture-mediated closure products, assisted manual compression and clip-based closure technologies.

We recently received U.S. FDA approval for StarClose, a next-generation vessel closure system that uses a specially designed flexible clip to quickly and securely close the access site in the femoral artery following a diagnostic catheterization procedure. Launched outside of the United States in 2004, StarClose differentiates itself from other devices by leaving nothing behind in the artery that could cause potential blockages after the procedure.