Well, here it is by popular demand, the remnants of the Spike's Spike fanfiction archive. This is approximately half the total contents of the original archive- they were spread over two Fortunecity accounts, one of which was deleted- this is what was left on the other account. Most of what's here is Spike smut- probably about every pairing you can think of, and there's quite a variance in quality between stories- mainly cause Spike's Spike was an 'open' archive, which means that I would put up whatever people sent me. The majority of the stories aren't to my taste these days, but hey, variety is the spice of life, so I'm sure others will enjoy them; especially since there's a lot of stuff here that never appeared anywhere else. The stories will pop up in a new window, and are still in their original Spike's Spike formatting- so title images and stuff like that might be broken, but the stories themselves are still readable, which is what counts. Please address any queries about unfinished stories, or feedback, to the authors (their email addresses are at the top of each page). Any authors who no longer want their work here (it has been a long time since I got permission to put them up at Spike's Spike, so...) please contact me, and I'll remove it. Enjoy!

NOTE: Fortunecity no longer exists. I have now uploaded the stories to geocities, instead, so if you were getting 404 errors, they should be fixed now.


Chocolate Lust
Sequel to 'Saturday Night', Angel plots revenge for his humiliation. Needless to say, it backfires...unrequited lust and chocolate abounds... R, innuendo, humour

Back to the Ladies Room
The sequel to 'Chocolate Lust'... Angelus schemes, Spike doesn't have to... R, innuendo, Buffy/Spike

Hormones on Parade
Spike drugs Buffy, but ends up with a different scenario then he'd planned. NC-17, Spike/Buffy

You Wanker!
Spike gets caught in an iffy situation... R, nudity, black humour

There's a mischiveous little demon that plays a flute which wreaks havoc on Buffy's love life... NC-17 Spike/Buffy, Angel/Buffy

L A U R E   A L E X A N D E R

Power Play
Back in the 1700's, Angelus has just created Spike, when they are called for an audience with the Master. More Angelus torture! NC-17, Spike/Angelus, Angelus/Master Slash- violence and sex

Mortal Enemies
Buffy has fled Sunnydale, Spike runs into her by accident in the small town she's established herself in. NC-17, Spike/Buffy unfinished

What turned Spike against Angelus? NC-17, Spike/Dru, Angelus/Dru Contains violence

Sequel to 'Alpha', Spike gives in to Angelus, to be with Drusilla. NC-17, Spike/Angelus, Spike/Dru Slash- contains violence!!

The Shadow
Sequel to 'Surrender', Spike and Dru flee Sunnydale after 'Becoming'- how will Dru react to Angelus' demise? NC-17, Spike/Dru

The Erotic Adventures of Willow and Spike
Laure's continually growing series of erotica.

Part one: Prezzie
Drusilla captures Willow, then gifts her to Spike... NC-17, Willow/Spike

Part two: Needs Must
Willow has her freedom, but she just can't stop thinking about Spike... NC-17, Willow/Spike

Part three: Fun and Games in the Cemetery
As they tryst, Willow and Spike catch sight of another odd couple... NC-17, Willow/Spike; Buffy/Angelus

Part four: Revelations
The shit hits the fan, and the Slayer gets in on the action... NC-17, Willow/Spike; Buffy/Spike; Buffy/Willow

Part five: Willow's been Naughty
Willow gets punished... NC-17, Willow/Drusilla; Willow/Spike

Part six: Pampered
Spike gets all remorseful; this time it's Willow's turn on top. NC-17, Spike/Willow

Interlude: Sunnydale 69ers
I think the title tells you all you need to know. Responds to a UCSL list challenge after the 69th member joined... NC-17, Willow/Spike

Part seven: Toys
The title says it all- Willow sheds her remaining inhibitions with Spikes 'assistance' NC-17, Willow/mast/voy

Part eight: Lusty Lasses in the Library
The girls get sick of waiting for their respective demons, and let off steam. NC-17, Willow/Buffy/Cordelia

Part nine: Bottoms Up!
Oh, come on! Just read the title... NC-17, Willow/Spike, Anal

Part ten: Cat out of the Bag
Even more shit hits the fan...Buffy calls out Spike's name while fucking Angelus... NC-17, Buffy/Angelus, Willow/Angelus, Willow/Spike, Willow/Buffy contains elements of non-consensuality and violence

Part eleven: Research gone Askew
The Slayerettes research in the library late at night...will Willow and Spike be caught in their clandestine tryst? NC-17, Spike/Willow

Part twelve: Midnight at the Drive-in
Spike and Willow go on a real date, to see Grease (and get greased up while doing so, of course!) NC-17, Spike/Willow

Interlude: Willow and Spike say 'Thanks!'
Laure thanks the readers for voting for her in the 'Blue Ralph' awards, in her own way. NC-17, Willow/Spike

Part fourteen: Sunday Matinee
Spike's involved indirectly, but the plot is part of the series. Willow and Cordy meet for that date they discussed in 'Midnight at the Drive-in'... NC-17, Willow/Cordy

Part fifteen: Last Dance
Just when you thought no more shit could fly... Xander finds out about Willow and Spike. NC-17, Willow/Spike, Buffy/Angelus, Xander/Cordelia (sort of)

Interlude: Cheering Up
Spike and Willow perform on request to cheer someone up... Spike whines, Willow bitches, smuttiness ensues. NC-17, Willow/Spike

Part sixteen: Comparisons
Spike and Willow wake in each others arms, Buffy's done a really dumb thing, catfights, angst, and a sleepy Spike. NC-17, Willow/Spike, Buffy/Angelus

Part Seventeen: Spike gets a Harem
Spike, Willow, Cordy, Buffy...'nuff said... NC-17, Willow/Spike/Buffy/Cordelia

Interlude: Cheering Up: The Evil Sequel
Willow gets spanked again... NC-17, Willow/Spike

Interlude: A Flamers Fate
Willow and Spike extract revenge on Laure's behalf... NC-17, Willow/Spike

Part Eighteen: Willow's Friend, Mr Codeine
What happens when you take a drug-crazed Willow, and some pink bunny slippers; then add a bemused Spike and extreme horniness? Find out! NC-17, Willow/Spike

Part Nineteen: Curing a Hangover
Spike takes Willow home after her codeine-induced capers...unfortunately he falls asleep, and who knows what evil Willow will work on his unsuspecting body... NC-17, Willow/Spike

Part Twenty: Willow's Whipping
Willow's been naughty again... NC-17, Willow/Spike

Interlude: Dead Boy jnr. and Willow Put on a Show
Xander's being an ass, and Willow's sick of him calling her a 'vampire's lust kitten'... so her and Spike teach the poor boy a lesson... NC-17, Willow/Spike

Interlude: Prometheus Bound
Spike's all tied up... and his lovely redhead's teasing him ruthlessly... NC-17, Willow/Spike

Interlude: [I'm] Fucking in the Rain
Willow and Spike walk home from the movies, and utilise a childrens playground in an most likely illegal way... NC-17, Willow/Spike

Spinoff: Heart Hush
Carries on from events in 'So Long, So Wrong'. Buffy's at the end of her tether. Will Angelus realise before she ends up on the end of a rope? NC-17, Buffy/ Angelus

Interlude: Pissed Off Hacker
Spike's stood Willow up, and now he has to pay the price... NC-17, Spike/ Willow

Interlude: Willow wants us to do what?!
An TEAOW&S; performance-upon-request. This time for a change it's Buffy and Angelus... NC-17, Buffy/Angelus

Fits into Laure's 'Alpha' series. Spike, Angelus and Dru in the past... Contains sexual violence NC-17, Spike/Dru/Angel

Two Vamps and a Hacker
Unrelated to the W/S series. Spike and Angel have caught themselves a hacker, and proceed to do nasty things to her... Contains rape and violence! NC-17, Spike/Angel/Willow


A Blast from the Past
Spike's back in Sunnydale, post-Becoming, and finds out that sometimes your worst enemy is the only one you can turn to... PG , Buffy/Spike

Death Cometh
Next in series after 'Blast...'. Buffy and Spike are lovers, but what about his mysterious past? And that weird Scottish girl? PG, Buffy/Spike

Forbidden Passion
Interlude after 'Death Cometh'. Fits in after Buffy and Spike kiss... NC-17, Buffy/Spike

Love Conquers All
Conslusion to the 'Blast from the Past' storyline. Angelus and Dru are wreaking havoc, and Spike and Buffy are in a perilous situation... where is Devon, anyway? R, Buffy/ Spike

Sequel to 'Love Conquers All'. Spike and Buffy are still together, everything seems just dandy...until Buffy falls 'ill'... PG, Spike/Buffy

I, William
Sequel to 'Changing'. Spike and Buffy live happily ever after. PG, Spike/Buffy

Living Dead Girl
Carrying on Anubis' series of B/S stories. Meet the next generation... R, Buffy/Spike

Phantom Stranger
Angelus is back, what harm does he intend to inflict of Buffy and Spike's daughter? R, Buffy/Spike

Holding out for a Hero
Will Spike and Buffy save Joey? R, Angel/ ?, Buffy/ Spike


Taking Liberties
Very funny parody of the predictability of the plots of some Buffy/Spike fics. PG, humour

A N N   B E R R Y

Drive in: Waiting for Bardot
Giles is having a bizzarre dream-- or is he? Drusilla, Spike, Ronald Reagan, poodle skirts, and Willow in a tiara... NC-17, Dru/Giles/Spike/Willow/Amy unfinished

K A T E   B O L I N

Dreaming Again
Willow's dreaming... NC-17, Spike/Willow

J E N N   B R A D F O R D

Who's that vampire with the long red hair? NC-17, Willow/Spike unfinished


Tumbling Down
Post-Becoming, Buffy forms an unlikely alliance to defeat Drusilla. PG, Buffy/Spike

Mon Petit Vulcan
Sequel to 'Tumbling Down'. Gunsmith Cats x-over. After leaving Spike, Buffy heads off to Toronto. However the vamps there are less than pleased about it...and Spike isn't far behind... Will be R-rated, bits that are here, PG


Everybody is in...
Self-proclaimed Badfic-- but funny fic, so take a look! Angel and Spike meet illicitly-- but so are some other strange couples... PG, Angel/Spike, humour


Your life isn't worth living-- and you're a citizen of Sunnydale. Wouldn't you like to go out with a bang? (And a whimper as well, perhaps...) NC-17, Spike/?


No Spike in this one! Part of a series, in which Buffy ends up with Spike, though. In this one, Angel's back from hell, and he and Buffy seek closure... NC-17, Angel/ Buffy

Rough Housing
Faith and Buffy punish some would-be rapists- Spike and Mr Trick show up, the plot thickens, and thickens and thickens; as sex, lies, videotape, and soul swapping abounds... contains violence! NC-17, Spike/ Buffy, Faith/ Trick, Angelus/ Buffy

T H E   C H E S H I R E   C A T

Angel of the Darkness
Angel is captured by Spike and Dru; and their reasons for wanting him back in the fold become apparent... NC-17, Spike/Angel Slash fic, contains violence, sex

Even Angels have Needs
Sequel to 'Angel of the Darkness', Xander and Angel bond, Spike kidnaps Xander... NC-17, Xander/Angel, Xander/Spike Slash fic, contains violence, sex

When Angels Fall
Sequel to 'Even Angels have Needs', Spike and Dru hatch a plan to keep Angel with them... NC-17, Spike/Angel/Dru Slash fic, contains violence, sex

L A U R A   C R A N D A L L

Mysterious Stranger
Cordy's seduced by a complete stranger...or is he? NC-17, Cordelia/?


Bad Acid
No Spike, but it's darn cool, so I put it up. Oz gets whacked and has a close encounter of the demonic kind... PG

G R E Y D O N   C R E E D

Spike's Really Bad Night
Spike gets some really bad news- will it tip him off the deep end? PG, humour

K Y R A   C R O W N

Games were made for two
Buffy's royally pissed at Angelus for screwing Dru, Spike's royally pissed at Angelus for screwing Dru... guess how they get back at him? NC-17, Spike/Buffy

Sequel to 'Games were made for two'. Angelus is sure he's figured out who Buffy bonked... surely it would be the dumbest guy in the hemisphere? Right? Wrong. (No Spike action in this one, although he does make an appearance.) NC-17, Angelus/Buffy


Blue Balls
Read the title...it's a study in ah, frustration, as Cordy and Spike have a chance encounter... NC-17, Spike/Cordelia


Getting to Know you...
Spike and Angelus 'get to know' Willow... NC-17, Angelus/Willow/Spike non-consensual elements


Dear Diary: Buffy
Buffy writes in her diary of an unusual sight she saw at the library... NC-17, Spike/Giles Slash, sex


Sacrifices in the Field
Funnyfic in response to Spike-list challenge. Buffy and Spike play baseball... PG, humour

Fatal Secrets
(by Deeanne and Tiara) There's some new characters in town, with intriguing histories involving Spike... PG (heading toward R) Spike/?

D R A C O N A   D R A G I L L I N

A Rose in Bloom
Songfic, Willow and Spike dance at the Bronze... but is it a dream? R, Willow/Spike

Veiled Truth
Willow's accosted by a mysterious stranger... who could it be? NC-17, Willow/?


Spike and Buffy in the graveyard... NC-17, Spike/Buffy


Set in Laure's TEAOW&S; universe. Willow and Spike finally discover what is perhaps the only place in Sunnydale they haven't yet christened... the mall! NC-17, Spike/Willow

I Guess it's over
Did Spike sleep with Dru? Is it really over for the vampire and the hackers romance? Set in Laure's TEAOW&S; universe. R, language, innuendo

D A R E   H.

Sweetest Thing
Spike muses on Dru, and why he stays with her. Beautifully written. PG, Spike/Dru

A Different Shade
Alternate ending to Dare's wonderful 'Dark Shades', which you can read at the Buffer. Spike and Buffy are both lonely souls... NC-17, Spike/Buffy


Challenge for Dominance
Spike challenges Angelus, and proves his dominance once and for all... NC-17, Spike/Angelus WARNING: SEXUAL VIOLENCE!!

6am Blues
Spike thinks over the events in 'Challenge...' in his diary. R, language.

J E N N 1 3

Enlightened Slayer
Dru and Angel are a couple, driving the Slayer into Spike's arms R, Spike/Buffy


A Familiar Stranger: the English Bloke's Confusion
Part of the 'familiar stranger' series. Spike is all tied up... who by? NC-17, Spike/? For the rest of this series (focusing on other BtVS characters) go to the UCSL archive.

WHO is it!?!
Conclusion to the Familiar Stranger series. So who was that anonymous ravisher? I strongly recommend reading the rest of the series (available at the UCSL archive) or this conclusion won't make sense... R, Spike/?


Love of a Slayer
Spike courts Buffy, but he is a demon, after all... NC-17, Spike/Buffy

Hatred is a powerful thing; Spike gives into his, and finds unexpected torment as he regains a soul... NC-17, Spike/Buffy Nasty stuff- Rape and violence!


The Dance
Oz gets stood up, Spike's moping over Dru... It's amazing what a single dance can do... PG, Spike/Oz, humour


...and Nature abhors a Paradox
Sequel to 'Problems with...' Buffy's still sorting out her feelings for Spike and Angel; but meanwhile earthquakes are order of the day, as Crom Dobh stirs... NC-17, in coming parts, PG so far


One Dark and Stormy Night...
Unofficial interlude to the TEAOW&S; series... Spike battles through rain, sleet and snow (well, just rain, actually) to be with Willow. NC-17, Spike/Willow


All About Willow
Spike thinks about his redhaired lover... Set in TEAOW&S; universe. PG, Spike/Willow; implied Dru/Angelus


No Quarter Given
Angelus captures Buffy, but Spike intervenes and they both proceed to piss Angelus right off! NC-17, Buffy/Angelus; Buffy/Spike contains violence!

A Deal with the Devil
Spike makes a deal with Buffy; will she fulfill his terms? NC-17, Spike/Buffy


Spike gets revenge on Angelus for fucking round with Drusilla. Eventually everyone else will too... Blatant Angelus torture. NC-17, Spike/Angelus m/m rape scenes, violence


Angel in Chains
First part in a series chronicling the situation just before 'Becoming', from the POV of different characters. This one's about Angel and Angelus, the differences and similarities between them; and the obsession they share with Buffy... R, Angel/us/Buffy (flashback)

Bound by Obsession
Next in the series. Buffy thinks about what she has to do, and her traitorous body's response to the demon living inside her boyfriends shell. R, Angel/us/Buffy, (flashback)

Hell on Wheels
Next in series. Spike's POV on Drusilla's betrayal, the years he's spent with her, Angelus' past in Europe; Angelus obsession with the Slayer-- and his own need to team up with her to defeat him. R, Dru/Spike/Angelus (flashback)

Desperate Measures
Next in the 'Chains' series. Alternate version of the events of 'Becoming'. Spike and Buffy reluctantly team up, but come up with a different plan to throw Dru and Angel off-centre. However things don't turn out exactly as they planned... NC-17, Spike/ Buffy

Reflections in the Light of Day
Sequel to 'Desperate Measures'. Both Spike and Buffy deal with their actions in the light of day... NC-17, Spike/Buffy, mast

Secrets and Lies
Sequel to 'Reflections'. How will Spike and Buffy deal with their newfound relationship? NC-17, Spike/Buffy


Enemy, Mine
Buffy and Spike fight at the Bronze- or do they? R, Spike/Buffy

Set in same universe as 'Enemy, Mine'. Watch Spike strip. Strip, Spike, strip... R, Spike/Buffy

A Little Night Music
Set in same universe as 'Stripped' and 'Enemy Mine'. Buffy finds herself missing Spike-- could it be their relationship is turning into something more than sex? PG, Buffy/ Spike

Strange Bedfellows
Strange dreams for Spike and Buffy lead to a destiny of love and vengeance... R, Spike/Buffy

To Reign in Hell
Spike and Michael from LFM meet in a bar, they drown their sorrows and quote Milton. PG, angst

From Slayer to Killer
X-over with 'La femme Nikita'. Buffy is recruited by Section. Unfortunately, she runs into a blast from the past in the form of a certain vamp... R, Spike/Buffy


An Heart for Spike
Unofficial sequel to 'Surrender' by Laure Alexander. Spike's lost his will to live, but when he saves Willow from a would-be rapist, she gives it back to him... if only Angelus doesn't interfere... NC-17, Spike/Willow, Angelus/Spike, Angelus/Willow slash, contains violence and m/m sex

S A M A N T H A   M C C U L L A H

Awkward Moment
From Samantha's series of Buffy/Spike stories, they meet on the road, and bond on the run ;-) NC-17, Spike/Buffy

N I C O L E T T E   M A R Q U I S   M C F A D G E N

Even Immortals have to Bathe
Study of the changing roles in Spike and Dru's relationship--she was weak, then he was weak... R, Spike/Drusilla

Waking Up
When Dru's away the boys will play... NC-17, Spike/Angelus Slash, sex

How Vampires say they're Sorry
First Angelus' is pissy, then Spike is... Guess they'll have to make it up to each other... NC-17, Spike/Angelus Slash.

Mr Trick Meets Spike's Dick
Read the title-- it's exactly what it says. NC-17, Spike/Trick Slash, contains m/m sex

It's Been Forever
Dru's back to full strength, and her and Spike have a lot of catching up to do... NC-17, Spike/Dru

Dru has a rare moment of clarity, and explains her side of things to Spike. NC-17, Spike/Dru

S E A N A N   M C G U I R E

Romano Drom
Completely un-Spike related, this is here 'cause I liked it. Damn good atypical Buffy fic, the Rom grieve for Jenny Calender. PG

M E L E N E Y   L A Y N E

A bat, a feather, and a bewildered british badboy
An unconscious Spike, a wicked redhead, and smut aplenty... NC-17, Spike/Willow

M ' L Y N   T H E   C U R S E D

Forever and ever
Spike thinks back on the good old days... NC-17, Spike/Drusilla

Seattle Rain
Post-Becoming, Dru's left Spike, and he runs into the Slayer, who's having disturbing dreams... NC-17, Spike/Buffy

Stormy Weather
Sequel to 'Seattle rain'. Buffy and Spike romp at the hostel, then head back to his place... NC-17, Spike/Buffy

Excuse me while I kiss this guy
Sequel to 'Stormy Weather'. Spike and Buffy romp some more, and discuss their relationship... But who's the mysterious stranger? NC-17, Spike/Buffy


Having Fun, Willow Style
Willow's pissed off, and she ain't taking any shit from anyone! Not even Spike! PG, Willow/Spike

Deja vu
Stand-alone sequel to 'Having fun, Willow style' Willow ain't taking any crap anymore! She's kicking butt and taking names-- and a certain vamp finds that very attractive... PG, Spike/Willow


Green Eggs and Ham
Will Spike take Buffy in a train, a plane, or... a graveyard? NC-17, Spike/Buffy

Unholy Knight
Buffy's down and out in LA, help comes from an unexpected quarter... NC-17, Spike/Buffy

The Longest Night
Spike kidnaps Willow, but she turns out to be more willing than he expected...hijinks ensue. NC-17, Spike/Willow

S H E I L A   P E R E Z

Hello Dolly
What happens when Chucky from 'Childs play' is adopted by Dru? Spike and Willow must team up to rid the world of the psychotic, obnoxious piece of plastic... PG, humour

A L E X   Q U E I R O L O

So Long, So Wrong
Angst which fits into Laure Alexanders TEAOW&S;, just after 'Comparisons'. Buffy's drowning her sorrows, Willow finds her and they talk it out. R, Willow/Spike

R I P E   W I C K E D   P L U M

King of the World
An annoying teen actor, a charmingly pissed-off Spike, many videos, and a few railroad spikes for good measure... what have you got? Yep, an ultra-violent Leonardo DiCaprio torturing fic! Leo fans stay away! R, for extreme bloodthirstiness...

Sister of Night
Spike muses on his love for Dru, set just before the ritual that restores her strength... PG, Spike/Dru

It Won't Do
Watching the Slayer as she heads back to Sunnydale, Spike muses on what might have been... PG

Pyramid Scheme
Spike saves Xander from being sacrificed by a crazed Drusilla, and gives Buffy a little something to think about... PG, Spike/Buffy


Spike and Dru flee Sunnyhell, and have a little 'fun' on the way. NC-17, Spike/Drusilla

Another Spike and Dru Escapade...
Sequel to Hungry, Spike and Dru check into the honeymoon suite... NC-17, Spike/Drusilla

Willow and Spike in a different incarnation? You decide. NC-17, Spike/Willow

Three's a Crowd
Spike and Drusilla relieve their tensions, but Angelus isn't far away... NC-17, Spike/Drusilla

Duck, duck, goose...
The gang play a surreal, x-rated version of the popular schoolyard game. NC-17, Willow/Spike, Cordy/Spike, humour

Come to my Window
Willow requests a song, and lets Spike know she's waiting... (set in Laure Alexanders W/S universe.) PG, Willow/Spike


For the Dark
Buffy's a vampire, Angelus' is lording it over the hellmouth... Will necessity push Spike and Buffy together? Does Buffy still have a soul? PG, Spike/Buffy

Merlin's Laugh
Is Buffy dead? Her and Spike team up to defeat Vladimir and Electra, and the mysterious Janus the Corinthian... will teamwork turn to something more? PG, Buffy/Spike

Auld Lang Syne
It's the eve of the year 2000. A time for partying... But who knows what the future has brought for the Slayer? Or what it will bring for the creeps who accost her... R, Spike/Buffy

The Final Face
Dark Xander-bashing vignette. Buffy's back, and so's Spike. How many secrets will be aired this night? PG

The Bet
Feel-good B/S fic. Spike and Buffy make a bet, but someone's not trying very hard to win... G

Sequel to 'The Bet'. Yep, believe it or not, Spike takes Buffy to the prom! Warm fuzzies... PG, Spike/Buffy

School Harder
Spike helps Buffy with her history lessons... PG, Spike/Buffy

In the Elegy Season
Lovely, lovely dark vignette. A glimpse into a darker future for Spike... R, Spike/?

Slayer in Wonderland
Buffy dresses up as Alice, and all her friends as various Wonderland characters for the Bronze's theme night... but who's that in Scott's costume? PG

Settling Bets
For all those who wanted to see Buffy lose that bet to ask Spike to dance... PG, Buffy/Spike


See Spike run...
An I-can-read primer for Spike/Buffy fans. G, Spike/Buffy, humour

Genies with afros, the dead rising, and Spike in tight leather pants in the Mr America Pagaent... PG, humour

S A R A H   J.   S H E R I D A N

Learning to Choke
Not really a Spike-fic, but I've included it cos I like it. Written from Dru in first person perspective, it's evocative. Take a look :-) PG

Gentle Hands
Another introspective Dru fic, from Dru's POV. Lost in the city, the child-like side of Drusilla has shown, as she thinks about Spike, and the lynching in Prague... R (violence)

Spike Kills Joyce
More funnyfic, as Spike finally does what just about everyone longs to see-- with a little encouragement from the Spike Girls... PG, humour


Studio 54, the hottest nightclub in NY in the seventies. Also a vampire haven. Spike's cruising around, and runs into a delectable female... NC-17, Spike/Guess who?

I Left my Heart in San Franciso
Willow travels to San Fran to see her cousin, and ends up being accosted by someone very different... R, Willow/Spike in progress

Dress Up
Willow tries to convince Spike to dress up for Halloween night at the Bronze... (set in Laure's W/S universe) PG, Willow/Spike

J.   S T O Y

With Vampires till Dawn
X-over with the X-files. Scully meets Spike. Sparks fly, wonderfully done... NC-17, Spike/Scully

C O N S T A N C E   S.   S T R E L L

Let's Play
Spike captures Oz, and he and Willow play an interesting 'game' for his freedom. In the meantime, Buffy and Angelus match wits (among other things...) NC-17, Spike/Willow, Willow/Oz, Buffy/Angelus

Playing for Keeps
Sequel to 'Let's Play'. Though years have passed, Spike hasn't forgotten Willow... will she ever accept him? And what's up with Buffy and Angelus after all this time? NC-17, Spike/Willow, Buffy/Angelus

How Dare You
Buffy makes a deal with Angelus, and discovers she likes bad boys... but who will she turn to when Angel gets his soul back? NC-17, Buffy/Angelus, implied Buffy/Spike

Playing for Love
Sequel to 'Playing for Keeps'. Willow and Spike are happy together, until Willow's attacked...and whose lingerie is that? NC-17, Spike/Willow

Playing with Fire
Spike and Buffy run into each other post-Becoming, and convince other vamps they're an item... but then Spike kidnaps her... NC-17, Spike/Buffy Contains bondage, non-consensuality

Of Oreos and Battle Plans
Spike's made Willow a vamp, and what a cunning sexy one she turns out to be... NC-17, Spike/Willow, Willow/Angelus, Willow/Dru

Dru meets Mr. Bubble
Interlude in 'Oreos...'. What did Dru and Willow get up to in that bath? NC-17, Dru/Willow


Curing Depression...
Willow/Spike smut-- Willow's had a hard day, but guess who's willing to be a vampiric antidote.... NC-17, Willow/Spike

Buffy's been caught out on a date with Scott, and both her vampire lovers are none too pleased... Threesome, anyone? NC-17, Spike/Buffy/Angel


Spike and Buffy run into each other in the park. They fight, and then they... well, you'll have to read it, won't you? NC-17, Spike/Buffy

T H E O R Y   Q U E E N

A Certain Level of Trust
A new threat is prophecised for Sunnydale, and to defeat it, Buffy and Spike must join forces. They must learn to trust each other... PG, Spike/Buffy


Tricks 'n' Treats
It's theme night at the Bronze, and Buffy's Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz'. Unfortunately she runs into some zombies on the way home. Guess who comes to the rescue? NC-17, Spike/Buffy

First in series, Buffy dances with a charming masked stranger at theme night at the Bronze... PG, Buffy/Spike

Midnight Stroll
Sequel to 'Masquerade'. Buffy and 'Zorro' walk home together, and share a kiss... PG, Buffy/Spike

Truth be Known
Third in the 'Masquerade' series. Buffy runs into the masked man once more, and his identity is revealed...

Give Love a Chance
Will Buffy ever believe Spike's serious? PG, Buffy/Spike

Moonlight Chat
Spike walks Buffy home, having come to a tentative understanding... Part 5 in the Masquerade series. PG, Spike/Buffy

Mirror, Mirror
Buffy has a sudden crisis of conscience... 6th in the Masquerade series. R, Spike/Buffy

Love will find a way
Buffy talks to Giles, about Spike's feelings for her... 7th in the Masquerade series. PG, Buffy/Spike

Tender Moments
Spike and Buffy finally get together... R, Spike/Buffy

K A T I E   V I E C E L I

Unofficial tie-in to Laure's TEAOW&S; series. What's Spike gonna do about Dru? NC-17, Spike/Dru

Dru takes a bath, whilst Spike helps... NC-17, Spike/Dru


Spike corners Cordy. NC-17, Spike/Cordelia

# W I L L O W

BtVS characters attitudes to sex
Just something that struck me as funny... PG, everyone