The GoatsuckerEl Chupacabras. The Goatsucker. You know the name. We've got his number!

Welcome to Chupapalooza, ParaScope's multimedia extravaganza devoted to today's hottest cryptozoological phenomenon. This part-bat, part-kangaroo, part-alien Grey slayer of livestock, the Bigfoot of Puerto Rico, has been a cult favorite for the past year... and now his infamy is spreading across the general population like an unholy pestilence. And Chupapalooza is here to provide all the Goatsucker news you demand.

Gargoyles at Night

An in-depth report on the Puerto Rican origins of El Chupacabras from journalist Scott Corrales.

Chupa Invades U.S.

Enigma Editor D. Trull examines the Goatsucker's first sightings in the United States.

Goatsuckers & Scapegoats

Some psychological theories that may explain Chupamania.

Gallery of Goatsucker images

Lyrics to Goatsucker songs

Goatsucker web sites

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