List of 102 MSO'S
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In the late 1950s, Mine Division 81--Assurance, Valor, Venture, Vigor, and Vital--was transferred from Charleston to the U.S. Naval Mine Defense Laboratory at Panama City, Florida. The ships were dedicated until 1971 to the support of the lab's research and development efforts. When not occupied with the Naval Mine Defense Laboratory, the minesweepers participated in the research and development work being conducted by the Operational Test and Evaluation Force and by the U.S. Naval Ship Research and Development Center (better known as the David Taylor Model Basin) at Carderock, Maryland. 1

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"Where the Fleet Goes, We've Been!"

Aggressive Class
56 Ships
Ships Compliment 65 Enlisted
5 Officers
Length 172 Feet
Max Beam (Width) 35 Feet
Draft 10 Feet
Displacement 775 Tons
Armament One 40MM Gun
Two 50 Cal.
Machine Guns
Speed 14 Knots

Ability Class
3 Ships
Commander's Flagships
Ships Compliment 75 Enlisted
8 Officers
Length 190 Feet
Max Beam (Width) 36 Feet
Draft 12 Feet
Displacement 934 Tons
Armament One 40MM Gun
Two 50 Cal.
Machine Guns
Speed 15 Knots

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Ship's Mission

A minesweeper's mission is to conduct minesweeping and minehunting operations. The agility of a minesweeper to clear the sea lanes is a very important one for the United States since the use of mines can tie-up both civilian and Navy ships until the channel can be cleared. With minesweepers performing their mission, the possibility that other ships will be sunk or damaged by mines is greatly reduced.

Wooden Ships Still 'Sail' for the Navy

The Navy still has use for wooden ships. The ships are minesweepers that search sea lanes for explosive mines planted by enemy forces. Their hulls are wooden. The Navy has 14 new MCM Class highly sophisticated, ocean-going vessels, (first deployed Sept., 1987). Two saw action in Operation Desert Storm - USS Avenger and USS Guardian. The primary wood is Douglas fir, treated after construction and covered with one-eight inch thick fiberglass "paint". The frames are white oak. One of the major types of mines that these ships work against are magnetic influence mines that "sense" a ship's magnetic signature. That is why wood hulls are desirable.

102 MSO'S

Ocean Minesweeper (MSO) Information
I have the most complete, accurate and detailed information on the net today. ALL 102 ocean minesweepers are accounted for. I have dates, pictures, links to the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships web site, the Naval Vessel Register web site, Ship Yard web sites, Ship Home Page web sites, etc.
Sixty-five were built for the United States, 36 for foreign governments, and one ship was cancelled.
"Where the Fleet Goes, We've Been"
102 MSO'S

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Cold War Certificates

28 SEP 1965 - 27 SEP 1971

The Defense Department is issuing certificates to "All members of the armed forces.... who faithfully served the United States during the Cold War era,"
September 2, l945, the date Japan surrendered after World War II, to December 26, 1991, when Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as soviet president and the Soviet Union was disbanded.

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1 Excerpts from David Bruhn's draft manuscript of his work in process. 1