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Brian Jones by John Etherington

We don't have an exact birth time for Brian Jones. However, author Stephen Davis in his book, Old Gods Almost Dead - The 40 Year Odyssey of the Rolling Stones, says that Brian was born on a winter's Saturday night. Assuming this information to be true, we can assume that Brian was born some time between sunset and midnight - giving three possible ascendants (Virgo, Libra or Scorpio).

Astrologer, Nick Dagan-Best has assumed a 7pm birth which would give Brian a Virgo ascendant. However, everything I have read and perceive about Brian makes me feel that he did not have Virgo rising (I also interpret "night" as later than 7pm).

I am therefore inclined to believe that Brian had Libra rising, with Neptune conjunct the ascendant, and I have rectified his chart accordingly. It makes perfect sense that Venus, as ruler of Libra, was Brian's ruling planet. This puts the focus on his dandified and flamboyant image, and his androgynous good looks (Brian was the best-looking member of the Rolling Stones).

Another reason that a Libra Ascendant is more fitting is that Brian is said to have had an extremely charming and well-mannered side to his nature. Most of his girlfriends and later his elderly housekeeper, were agreed on this. Brian was also very sensitive, which suggests that Neptune was close to the ascendant. In my adopted chart, Venus is on the fifth house cusp (in trine to Neptune). Hence prominence is given to the two planets most associated with musical ability (Venus and Neptune). Brian's natal Venus, making a trine to Jupiter in Gemini, suggests the wide range of instruments that Brian played, such as the sitar that can be heard on the song, Paint it Black. It is interesting to note that the sabian symbol for one degree of Libra is a butterfly pierced by a dart (which, as we shall see, is a very appropriate symbol for Brian).

Brian Jones' natal Sun in Pisces makes only one major aspect - a square to Jupiter, which is in detriment in Gemini. Thus, Brian did everything to excess, but was not strong enough to maintain such a lifestyle. It should also be noted that Brian's natal Sun makes a tight quincunx to natal Chiron, and that he also has a Moon-Pluto-Chiron conjunction. We may associate these aspects with the rejection that he experienced from his parents, and the emotional wounding which followed. Brian's mother was said to be manipulative, and in later life favoured his sister, Barbara. At the age of four, Brian's first baby sister had died of leukaemia.

However, it is said that Brian's parents kept their son out of their grief, and that the frightened child feared that he might disappear in the same way as his sister. After this, Brain suffered from asthma, and became an outsider. He was given a typical middle-class upbringing in Cheltenham, but showed rebellious tendencies early in life (he once led an uprising against the prefects at school, for which he was suspended). Brian's rebellious behaviour is shown by his close Mars-Uranus conjunction, which is also conjunct natal Saturn. Despite his rebellious behaviour, Brian was intelligent, acquired nine O-levels and two A levels (Mercury in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Gemini, perhaps?). His parents wanted him to become a classical musician, and were thus disappointed with the lifestyle that he adopted. His primary interests were girls plus jazz and blues music - interests which he supplemented by taking menial jobs. One night, he returned home to find that his parents had gone away, locked up the house, and left his things outside in a suitcase.

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