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It's HERE!
PARTY BOYS: The Ultimate Collection 1979-1987
2 disc set all newly re-mastered. Order it now...

Wow: Daniel Mendel-Black's KULTUREDROME is a trip and a half....

new work by theoretical artist Marnie Weber








recently released...
Smoke & Mirrors
(featuring former members of Red Wedding)
White Roses Painted Red

Aural Fixation Records PINNA03
23 tracks | 79 minutes

"White Roses Painted Red," the third CD from Smoke & Mirrors, takes the listener on a 23-song journey down the rabbit's hole to Wonderland, a mysterious and dark world that is fanciful, curious and queer, a world of potion and cake, magic mushrooms, mad tea parties and flamingo croquet. Based on the characters from the Lewis Carroll's "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland" and their experiences, "White Roses Painted Red" follows Alice as she encounters the time-challenged White Rabbit, the menacing Duchess, the elusive Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the angry Queen of Hearts, the unhappy Mock Turtle, and the other characters of Wonderland.

Make no mistake, this is not children's music
(click here to preview/order)...

Smoke & Mirrors

a brilliant, cosmic hauntingly beautiful sound experience has been created by Michael Ely and Jim "Spider" Taylor... of RED WEDDING . It's a 2 CD set, wonderfully packaged and just released on Aural Fixation Records...

you can buy it now...
read the reviews...
listen to a preview...


there's always new stuff in the...

Theoretical is proud to be offering
an exciting new musical project:

The Very Best of Perfect Me

A collaborative effort of artists:

Jamey Bair
Sarah Seager
Jim Shaw
Thaddeus Strode
Marnie Weber

Most of the songs on the album deal with the psychological sense of shifting and uncertainty.
Hear a quick sample, more details, and order it now...

We also have the limited edition CD
by former PARTY BOY
Marnie Weber

Cry for Happy...

Performance artist and THEORETICAL friend COLIN GORMAN
suddenly passed away last October (2004) of a heart attack.
We'll really miss him and hope to have a suitable description of
his life and work ready to post in the West Wing soon.

For some of us a strange little cult club called BRAVE DOG set some of the stage for the theoretical phenomenon that immediately followed. Nearly all of the postcards that promoted these clandestine events have been scanned.

They're now on view in the Archives...


The DIRECTORY page offers an alphabetical listing of every name, person, place, act and event in this site with links to the page where they are referenced. It's a different way to search the site. A sort of homemade Search Engine.
Check out some of the names you may know...

The Bitch has been shopping for shops...

Zelda's— Theoretical's personal fashion maven—
new Flying Hanger Awards
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