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*Robbie Nishida - Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 & Peak S14*



  • Name: Robbie Nishida
  • Occupation: Peak Performance/Falken Factory Driver, Manager of Car Care Center, Tokyo, Japan
  • Residence: Tokyo, Japan
  • Hometown: Okinawa, Japan
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Hobbies: Cars, cars, and umm.. cars, oh yeah, and drifting
  • Car: Toyota Corolla AE86
  • Engine: Toyota 4AGZE
  • Robbie has been drifting professionally since 1998. While not driving sideways, he manages the Car Care Center in Tokyo, Japan. Robbie is currently the 18th seed in the Formula D series, which is no small accompishment given that he was driving the Falken 180SX (when it was running). Robbie's trademark has become his clean, crowd arousing drifts. He offered to sell his beloved AE86 to purchase a left-hand drive car so that he can practice drifting while at home in Japan. For some reason, I don't think the word "hardcore" does this man justice.

Places I've Been Featured:

  • Battle Magazine Twin Drift @ Nikko Circuit, 1st and 3rd place
  • Battle Magazine Single Drift @ Nikko Circuit, 6th place
  • Battle Magazine Championship Round @ Nakayama Circuit, Top 6 Twin Drifters
  • Formula D @ New Jersey 2005, 4th place
  • Formula D Final Round @ Irwindale Raceway 2005, Top 16 qualifier
  • Formula D Streets of Long Beach 2006, 9th place qualifier
  • D1GP Driver Search @ Irwindale Raceway 2005, 4th place qualifier
  • D1GP All Stars, qualifier
  • Ikaten from Video Option
  • Numerous Japanese television segments regarding drifting
  • Hot Version AE86 video
  • Drift Tengoku
  • Battle Magazine
  • Autoworks
  • Many more in the past with much more in the future..

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  • Deist
  • Vertex

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