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Popular Culture and the Performing Arts

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This web site aims to bring to you a wide variety of resources on Arab Culture and Civilization, but much more is available. This bibliography includes a number of additional materials that you may wish to consult. Texts that have recently been annotated or added to this list are shown with a tan background. In addition, there are many other online resources that you can explore from our links list.


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Notes: Contains brief essays on music from the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

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Notes: An anthropologist examines the social role of Raï music in 1990s Algeria.

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Notes: As the title suggests, this is an encyclopedia with entries arranged by country. Each entry inlcudes and overview essay, filmography and brief biographies of directors. Some countries also include actor biographies. There are also bibliographies for further reading.

Armes, Roy. Postcoloniabl Images: Studies in North African Cinema. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2005.

Notes: A book in two parts. The first includes a history arrange by decades, the second contains more detailed study of specific themes, films and filmmakers.

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Dwyer, Kevin. Beyond Casablanca. M.A. Tazi and the Adventure of Moroccan Cinema. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2004.

Notes: Focusing on one of Morocco's most successful filmmakers, this book explores the broader context of filmmaking in Morocco, the Arab world and other developing nations.

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