Tony Santarelli

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 200 lbs.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA..

Tony Santarelli is an underground extremist from Los Angeles, California who rides dirt bikes and breaks bones for fun. With the Pacific ocean in his back yard, Tony grew up as a wreckless youth who feared nothing and risked everything. Whether it was skydiving, snowboarding, or bmx, he believed in one saying, "No regrets, and no fear!" Now 25 years old, he took the aggressive "in your face" attitude from extreme sports and transferred it into sports entertainment. This freestyle wizard has turned Deep South Wrestling into an arena of wild, beautiful athleticism.

Along with his tag team partner Mike Taylor, High Impact has become one of the most popular tag team not only in DSW, but in sports entertainment! This daring duo is not afraid to put their bodies on the line to give the fans a show they will NEVER forget! They are on the rise, and at the rate they're going... they will be a worldwide phenomenon!

Photos by: Melanie Cummings
DSW Photographer
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