'A genniuine Typo Feary'

SF&F; Picture 19 out of 20 by Joost Huttenga.

Well, if you know (or are) Tammy Higginbottom, Vicci Higginbottom or Ashleigh Wells, you have probably heard of a typo feary. I was in a really freaky mood when I drew this simple doodle, but it is creepy, funny, sad, all at the same time, and I like it.

Comments for this picture:
May 15 2002 Elfwood artist: Tom LouageHe rocks! love it the way he came out! Finish him!
May 27 2002 Elfwood artist: Vicci Alyson Higginbottomhehehe, well it isn't how I originally pictured them, still its kinda cute in its own little way. yet very cool. I Like it!!
May 29 2002 Elfwood artist: Tammy J HigginbottomGAH!! *cringes* That! Is not how I imagined a typo fairy ... dey s'posed to be cute an' lil ..

Typo Fairys: GETT HERRR!!!!!!!!

Tammy: gahhuu! nnnoooooohhh! leeeve me alown!!

 4 Comment From The Artist: Groan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gr!!!!!!!! mean me!

Oct 6 2002 Elfwood artist: Dave Ritcherdsen:kills Typo Feary:

I HATE that thing! This picture makes me hate it even more! Great job putting into visual what the rest of us curse!!

Comment From The Artist: Good! Every writer should have a print-out of this, and clip it to a dartboard.. That would be a thought, now wouldn't it?

Jan 13 2003 Anonymousmmm good idea! can i use it please? I'm only going to use the idea, I juz had a diff interpretation of a typo fairy and decided that since it's ur idea, i should ask u first b4 i draw it. *i'll give credit for idea to u if u like* email an answer back plz asap ^_^
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