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Vote For Me
(Voto Para Mí)

Fri., Dec. 12 at 7:30pm

‘’SCATHING PORTRAYALS!...Reminiscent of Spike Lee’s ‘’Do the Right Thing,’’ but with a lighter touch.’’ – NY TIMES

A rarity – zany, poignant and sharp political satire about Leo Maruchal a sixtyish Puerto Rican Manhatten El Barrio super. The tenement he supers for is shared by Latinos and African Americans, some who work and some who idle their time away playing dominoes on the front of the tenement. Rarely smiling, Leo, who lives alone in a small one room apartment, is short and slender with thinning wispy white hair. Visits to his mother who’s dying in a city hospital is the one break in his dismal routine. Poor but very proud, Leo is very angry at the ways of the world: he wants to care for her at home, but the city hospital officialdom will not release her until they have a nurse to assign her at home and since they have failed to find one, she remains alone and dying in the hospital: That anger will inadvertently catapult him into running for the abandoned seat in his Congressional district. Writer-director Nelson Antonio Denis, born and raised in the Bronx, lives on West 117th St in Manhattan, provides the political street smarts and knows whereof he speaks. He ran a bitter losing campaign for Congress as an American of Puerto Rican descent.

USA, 2002, 90 min., b/w & color, in English Ÿ in Spanish & English with English subtitles Ÿ Director/writer: Nelson Antonio Denis Ÿ Cinematographer: Salvador Bolivar Ÿ Music: Sammy Peralta Ÿ Cast: Malik Yoba, Ángel Salazar, Gloria Irizarry, Ricardo Barber, Mike Benitez, & Paula J. Riley

Nelson Antonio Denis; writer, producer and director of Vote For Me, represented El Barrio as its state Assemblyman for 4 year (1996–2000). A graduate of Harvard University (1977) and Yale Law School (J.D. 1980), he won national journalism awards as the editorial writer for El Diario/La Prensa. Vote For Me, his first feature film, premiered at the 2003 Tribeca Film Festival with coverage in all major New York press, TV, radio and El Nueva Dia, the largest circulation newspaper in Puerto Rico. Nelson has written 8 screenplays, 3 plays and directed many short films. His award winning short film, Hound Dog, was screened at the New York Latino Film Festival. He is an alumnus of the Puerto Rican Travelling Theatre.

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