The Unabomber Case
From brilliant student and professor to anti-technology recluse and Unabomber: the story of Theodore Kaczynski and the nation's longest, most expensive hunt for a serial killer.
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The Unabomber Manifesto
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Kaczynski gets life, says government lied

grfk - The trial
Kaczynski admits he is Unabomber, sentenced to life without parolemovie icon
  • Reporter's notebook: Musings on a trial cut short
  • The Evidence Bin
  • He's not Crazy, He's Our Neighbor
  • Man Behind The Mask
  • Kaczynksi Gives Up His Best Defense

    grfk - The accused
    Ted Kaczynski: Cold-blooded killer or tortured soul?
  • The Early Years
  • Living in the Wilderness

    grfk-The victims
    Follow the Unabomber's Trail: An Interactive Map
  • A Victim's Reflection: An Essay

    investigation grfk
    Piecing together the puzzlemovie icon
  • Welcome to the Cabin
  • The Net Icon
  • Into the Mind of the Unabomber

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