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Hundreds of declassified docs and reports.

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Havana museum of CIA covert ops against Cuba.

Dossier: Foreign Ops

The Paper Trail
Old secrets and new releases: Get the latest news on recently-released documents and the struggle against government secrecy.

51 Years of Hidden History   [9/7/98]
Dossier marks the CIA's 51st anniversary with a special roundup of documented reports on the agency's covert crimes and capers.

War of the Black Heavens
Perhaps the pen is mightier than the sword, but there is a still more powerful propadanda weapon: radio. A new book exposes Western broadcasting's war of words.

Operation Mongoose: The PSYOP Papers
The secret history of psychological warfare campaigns waged against Cuba by the CIA and the Pentagon.

The Price of Dissent
For CIA officers who go public, there is a price to be paid. Dossier interviews Ralph McGehee, the CIA insider who broke ranks to protest the agency's wrongdoings around the globe.

Sidebar: CIABASE -- The Ultimate Counterspy Software

Human Rights Information Act
Find out how you can help pop the lid off the government's secret information on human rights abuses.

Che Guevara and the FBI
A new book exposes the U.S. political police's fear and loathing towards the Latin American revolutionary. A review of the documents and the hunt for Che.

U.S. AIDS Tests Denounced
U.S.-sponsored third world AIDS tests on pregnant women were recently denounced by a New England Journal of Medicine editorial. Is the spirit of Tuskegee still alive in medical research?

Stalin's Propaganda State
Joseph Stalin did not simply eliminate his political adversaries -- he had them removed from history entirely.

Anti-Cuba Bombing Conspiracy?
Cuban police have arrested a man suspected of a spate of bombings in Havana -- but they link him to an alleged bombing conspiracy organized in the United States.

NSA Releases JFK Assassination Docs
Decades before Oliver Stone, Fidel Castro saw a conspiracy behind the Kennedy assassination... and he feared that Cuba would take the blame.

Havana Museum of CIA Covert Ops
Take an online tour of a Havana museum that documents secret CIA operations against Cuba. A ParaScope exclusive.

The Propaganda Pages
"Public diplomacy" and psychological warfare: an online tour of propaganda sites for savvy cybercitizens.

Sen. Jesse Helms' Contra/Cocaine Connection
Sen. Helms' support of repressive dictatorships is a matter of public record, but few are aware of his connection to the Nicaraguan contra drug smuggling scandal.

InTERRORgation: The CIA's KUBARK Manual
Torture and coercion, on the record. A recently-released CIA interrogation manual outlines brutal physical and psychological methods of extracting information. This manual also includes numerous links to the MKULTRA mind control program.

Counterinsurgency Comics
The murderous Phoenix Program used psywar cartoons to hammer its message into the hearts and minds of South Vietnam.

Guide to CIA/Contra/Cocaine Documents Online
Exactly how much did U.S. government officials know about cocaine smuggling by the CIA's contras? The documents offer some chilling clues.

DOD "Loses" Gulf War Chemical Incident Logs
The Defense Department recently admitted that it "lost" documentation of troops' exposure to deadly chemical and nerve agents, raising cries of a Gulf War Syndrome cover-up.

A Spook for All Seasons
A senior CIA official's memoirs reveal some hitherto unknown information about the Iran-contra affair and U.S. covert operations.

The El Mozote Massacre
A U.S.-trained Salvadoran death squad brutally murdered hundreds of villagers in El Mozote, and the Reagan administration had no qualms about covering it up.

Training Tyrants: School Of the Americas Manuals
School of the Americas, or School of Assassins? What is the U.S. Army teaching foreign military and police cadets at its Fort Benning, Georgia training center?

Korean War POWs Still in Captivity?
American POWs left behind in Korea may still be in captivity, and some may have been subjected to horrendous human experiments.

IraqGate: Covert U.S. Support of Saddam Hussein
What was this whole Desert Storm thing about, anyway? After all, the U.S. had covertly supported Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for years!

CIA Plots Against Saddam
Since 1991, the CIA has spent $100 million in its thwarted efforts to topple Saddam Hussein's regime. Get the dirt on the "Bay of Camels" fiasco.

High Tech Lies: Gulf War "Smart" Weapons
According to the General Accounting Office, those "smart" weapons weren't so smart after all. But they sure made a lot of money. Taxpayers' money, that is.

CIA Contras Linked to Cocaine Ring
Members of the CIA's contra army in Nicaragua were running drugs into the United States, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

The CIA and Guatemalan Atrocities
The CIA has a long, ugly history of involvement in Guatemala. An Intelligence Oversight Board recently chastised the agency for its support of brutality and repression by Guatemala's military regime.

Sister Ortiz' Struggle for Justice
American nun Sister Ortiz was kidnapped and viciously raped and tortured by Guatemalan military personnel... and the man who commanded her assailants "cursed in unmistakable, American English."

Cuban Shootdown Controversy
Was Cuba's downing of two "Brothers to the Rescue" planes an unprovoked attack, or an act of national self-defense?

CIA Plots to Assassinate Castro
Exploding conch shells, hallucinogenic aerosol sprays, poisoned cigars, contaminated Scuba gear... the CIA was willing to try just about anything to assassinate Fidel Castro.

The Bay of Pigs Invasion
Kennedy took a big gamble with the Bay of Pigs invasion, and it came up deuces. Get the behind-the-scenes story on the CIA-sponsored invasion of Cuba.

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