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The Astrological Lodge of London is a member of the APAE - The Advisory Panel on Astrological Education. You can find details of other members from the website.

The Astrological Association - The AA regularly lists astrological events and publishes a bimonthly journal free to members.

The British Association of Vedic Astrology - B.A.V.A. Founded by Vedic Astrologers, Andrew Foss and Komilla Sutton. News and events.


Evelyn Roberts - Evelyn Roberts D.F. Astrol.S lives in California and Bali. She has a private astrology consultancy practice, half of it via phone and email... and she is also the organiser/facilitator of 'Astrology in Bali' .

Pete Watson - the interesting website of an astrologer who specialises in midpoint and Locational astrology.

Charles Carter - the website in tribute to one of our past Presidents.

Astrology for the Real World - the website of our President, Claire Chandler.

Garry Phillipson - the thinking man's astrologer.

John Frawley - For Traditional and Horary Astrology courses. Also the Astrologer's Apprentice magazine.

Komilla Sutton - Vedic astrologer and author of 'The Essentials of Vedic Astrology', 'Vedic Astrology' and 'The Lunar Nodes: Crisis and Redemption.'

Maurice McCann - A New Look at Natal Astrology: This website is dedicated to natal astrology based on ideas and techniques that have developed from years of research into horary astrology.

Steve Judd - Irreverent and radical astrologer.

Paul Wade - Award winning website, full of interesting instruction on all things astrological including tutorials.

Astrology in Higher Education

Sophia Project - the site of the Sophia Trust, who have pioneered getting astrology back into higher education in the UK.

Bath Spa University College - check out the details of the Sophia sponsored MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. Academic staff includes Nick Campion and Patrick Curry.

Kepler College - the USA's contribution to the rehabilitation of astrology in academic circles.


Astrology Bookstore - An on-line astrology bookstore specialising in traditional astrology.

The Astrology Shop - Open 7 days a week, large range of western and Vedic books. Chart interpretation by Equinox and Liz Greene.
Astro*Carto*Graphy. Software. Astrological and astronomical gifts. Central Location

Midheaven Bookshop - A comprehensive range of astrological books, journals and software. Speedy mail order service

Equinox & The Astrology Shop - Covent Garden. Personal Horoscope & Chart production. Astro*Carto*Graphy. Lunar Calendars. Books. Journals. An Astrological haven and world-wide mail order.


astrologycollege.com - UK specialist astrology college delivering astrology correspondence courses world-wide. It is the sister school of The London School of Astrology.

The London School Of Astrology - Founded to celebrate the millennium by Sue Tompkins and Christine Tate, the LSA runs monthly lectures, courses and seminars at two London venues

Interesting Websites

Astrological Moon Callendar - Gorgeous circular Lunar calendar set around the astrological wheel showing Moons phases, sign changes, pagan fire festivals and much more.....Also, articles about the Moon, full and new Moon forecasts and the 2006 Major Lunar Standstill season.

Your exact Birth time to one second - Vedic astrologers calculate your time of birth accurately from life events. Easy online service via internet. Use Birth Time Calculators to check your birth time accuracy for astrology charts and horoscopes.

AstroDienst - a wide range of reports and printouts, including the facility to get chats printouts while on the move. Also articles from many astrologers including Liz Greene and Rob Hand.

Fallon Astro Graphics - all the tools for Astrology beautifully illustrated.

Lois Rodden's AstroDataBank

SkyScript - the site of Deborah Holding. A wide variety of articles and an astrology diary.

StarIQ.com: a refreshingly unique astrology site

StarIQ.com is a refreshingly unique astrology site that offers free personalized forecasts by email, original daily content on astrology and sports, health, celebrities, finance and other subjects, as well as a guide to astrology conferences, organizations and practitioners world-wide.

Celestial Forecaster 2005 Daily Astrology Guide


Astrolabe UK - Roy Gillett, consultant and UK distributor for Astrolabe Inc.,the world's largest independent supplier and publisher of Solar Fire and Astrolabe software.

For the most extensive selection of astrology software with descriptions and comparative reviews, we recommend going to Astrology Software Shop.

Matrix Astrology software is distributed in the UK by Martin Davis.

Vedic Software - Shri Jyoti Star - Redefining ease of use and power in Vedic Astrology software.

WOW - Features articles, quizzes, cartoons and the World of Wisdom Software including "Horoscope Interpreter" and "Astrology for Lovers" in several languages

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Astrological Lodge of London: Astrology in all its branches

Established by Alan Leo in 1915 to benefit astrology in all its branches. It holds meetings in London on Mondays during term-time and also organises a variety of seminars and workshops. Its publication - Astrology Quarterly - is free to members.


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StarIQ.com: a refreshingly unique astrology site


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