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Haiku Bounties and a new intern!
by Michael Phipps on 2006-05-29
I have received some questions about the "Haiku Bounties" website and I wanted to answer them here. It is run by a gentleman who has been a good friend to Haiku for a long time now. I have every confidence that he is trying to do the right thing for the Haiku community and that he will be upfront and honest with the money and that you can trust his word.

Like Haiku Bounties, we are also converting money into developers. :-) We have hired our second employee. He is a student from a local (to me) university who has worked on the Linux kernel and has done some networking work. He is very interested in Haiku and will be starting work shortly on the network stack. He will be working through the summer months (June, July and August).

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