The Filatov Institute of eye diseases and tissue therapy of AMS of Ukraine is known in the world as one of the leading ophthalmologic centers of Europe and is the main one in Ukraine on the problem of ophthalmology and tissue therapy. Over 700 staff members including 26 doctors of medical science and 55 candidates of medical science work at the institute.

The Institute was founded in 1936 by the prominent scientist-ophthalmologist, academician Vladimir Petrovich Filatov who was known in the world by his outstanding works on cornea transplantation in leukoma, he proposed a technique of skin plasty with the help of “round stem” which was an epoch in the plastic surgery according to the surgeons' opinion; he created a new original method of nonspecific treatment- tissue therapy and many other innovations. The academician V.P.Filatov headed the institute from 1936 to 1956. He was the founder of ophthalmologic school, the so-called “Filatovtsu”.

After death of the academician V.P.Filatov his disciple and follower - academician Puchkovskaya Nadezhda Alexandrovna became the head of the institute from 1956 to 1985. She grounded theoretically and worked out the operative technique of different kinds of cornea transplantation (subtotal, in layers), new methods of surgical treatment of complicated leukomas, eye burns and their consequences, keratoconus, keratoprosthesis in especially severe eye burns. On the basis of the institute she organized the first in the country Center of treatment of severe eye burns. She was the State prize of Ukraine winner, Honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine , a member of the international ophthalmologic Academy.

Since 1985-2003 the institute is headed by doctor of medical science, professor Logay Ivan Mikhailovich. He worked out new methods, devices, apparatuses and magnet for extraction of foreign bodies from the posterior section of the eye, original method of extraction of foreign bodies from the lens with preservation of its transparency. He works on the problems of eye traumas and cataractogenesis, created a school of ophthalmologists of Ukraine . I.M.Logay is a winner of the State prize of Ukraine , Honored worker of science and technology, a member of the American Academy of ophthalmology and international society on cataract treatment and refraction surgery.

From 2004 year for a present time the Institute is headed by the doctor of medical sciences, the Deserved doctor of Ukraine is Natalia Vladimirovna Pasyechnykova.

Basic directions of the Institute work:

1. Study of epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical course, development of methods of preventive measures, treatment and rehabilitation in eye diseases and damages and their consequences.

2. Study of the mechanism of action and development of new tissue preparations.

3. Development of new methods of diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the retina and choroid of a different etiology with the use of the last achievements of modern science (biology, physics and other).

4. Organization of ophthalmologic care to the population of Ukraine .

The characteristic of clinical subdivisions:

The clinical base of the institute has 480 beds, which are located in 8 specialized departments. Annually thousand surgical operations with the use of modern methods and apparatus are conducted in the departments. Possibility of comprehensive inspection of patients with any pathology of eyes in 15 special scientifically-experimental laboratories of institute allows to decide the most intricate problems and give recommendations of the most effective treatment.


At the consultative polyclinic of the institute the doctors see 700-750 patients a day, both inhabitants of Ukraine, and countries of near and distant foreign countries (only in 2004 the patients of 19 countries of the world were given consultation at the institute). The number of consultations at the clinic of the institute is 180-190 thousand of people per year. The possibility of the complex patient examination with any eye pathology allows to solve successfully the most difficult problems and to develop the recommendations for the most effective treatment.

Institute is a large center on the personnel training in area of scientific and practical ophthalmology. The different types of of doctors post-graduate courses are conducted on the base of institute, and also the specialized scientific council of defence of doctoral and candidate's dissertations (degree of PhD) on ophthalmology.

The «Ophthalmology magazine» was founded by the academician V.P.Filatov in 1946. The magazine is published in Odessa and it is leading scientific edition of ophthalmology type of Ukraine . During many years the Institute represents Ukrainian ophthalmology science on world international congresses, conventions, conferences and symposiums.

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