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Musicians - Rondalla and Percussionists

LIKHA Pilipino Folk Ensemble Rondalla string ensemble was formed in 1998 under the direction of Bryan Pangilinan. The ensemble has participated in several events playing for UC Berkeley's PCN, Kababayang Pilipino of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, The Alliance of Filipino American Performing Artists's Ugnayan show and has recorded its first CD "Sounds of Likha".


    The rondalla instruments are the bandurria, the laud, the octavina, the guitar and the bass-guitar (bajo de un~as). Of these instruments, the bandurria is the mainstay of the group. It has the biggest number of players in the family of instruments. In the eight-member rondalla, it is advisable to have four bandurrias, one laud, one octavina, one guitar and one bass.


    Dadabuan or Dabakan - (also d'dabuan, d'bakan) is a carved goblet shaped wooden drum with skin or rawhide cover. Lizard skin, goat or deer rawhide is often used. The dadabuan beat keeps the tempo of the musical piece.

    Agong - (also agung) is the biggest gong with deepest rims, and gives out the bass sound in the orchestra. This is usually an instrument played by a male musician. It is not unusual for some of the bigger gongs to weigh about 20 to 30 pounds. Normally, the smaller ones weigh from 5-10 pounds, depending upon the type of metal used. Bigger gongs measure 24 inches in diameter, by 12 inches depth.

    Gandingan - big diameter gongs with thin rims of about 4 to 5 inches, and are usually about 22 inches in diameter. The Kulintang orchestra normally has 4 gandingans.

    Banendir - (also babndir, babendil, babandil) They are big diameter gongs with medium rims of about 8 inches in depth. Diameters are like those of the gandingan and agong above. The babendir is used to establish the timing, and is usually the first gong played for the purpose of setting the tempo.

    Kulintang (Maguindanao and Maranao) - (also kolintang (Maranao) , kulintangan (Tausog) ) 7 to 8 graduated gongs set on a sounding rack, usually tuned to the pentatonic scale, and is the instrument that creates the melody in the orchestra.

    Kulintang A Tamlang - a kulintang instrument, which differs only in that bamboo is used, instead of metal.

    Kulingtang A Kayo - a kulintang instrument, where wood is used, instead of metal.

    Saranai (also Sarunay) a small xylophone with 8 metal bosses, which is used for practicing the melody before one attempts the bigger kulintang. A similar xylophone instrument made of wood is called alotang.

2006 Rondalla & Percussionists

Kevin Alicbusan, Bandurria
Ernie Andrade
, Bass
Beverly Cruz, Laud
Edward Cruz, Percussion Director / Bandurria
Gary Cruz, Bandurria
Herna Cruz, Bandurria
Adriano de la Cruz, Bandurria
Joachim Luis, Bass
Randy Miranda, Bandurria
OJ Pahati, Guitarra
Bryan Pangilinan, Rondalla Director / Laud
Almar Reyes, Guitarra
Richard Rios, Bass
Angelo Salumbides, Octavina
Rudi Soriano, Guitarra

Likha Rondalla

LIKHA Percussionists
Likha Percussionists

LIKHA Rondalla live on Ritmos de Las Americas with Rosi Reyes on 94.1 KPFA in Berkeley, CA
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