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Q: What majors does UC Santa Cruz offer?
A: UC Santa Cruz offers about 60 majors in the
Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Physical and Biological Sciences, and Social Sciences. Browse the major sheets to find out more information about each major.

Q: How can I get a UC Santa Cruz catalog?
A: There are four ways to get a UC Santa Cruz general catalog:

  1. View the catalog online.
  2. Order the catalog from the Bay Tree Bookstore, (831) 459-4544,
  3. Send a check for $12.50 (includes priority mail postage within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii), $15.50 (Canada), or $30.00 (all other international destinations) payable to UC Regents to:

    Bay Tree Bookstore
    UC Santa Cruz
    1156 High Street
    Santa Cruz, CA 95064

  4. Purchase the catalog in person from the Bay Tree Bookstore for $6.00.

Q: What is UC Santa Cruz's grading policy for undergraduates?
A: Undergraduates are graded on a traditional A-F (4.0) scale. Students may elect a pass/no pass option for no more than 25 per cent of their course work; several majors further limit use of pass/no pass grading.

Students also receive performance evaluations. These evaluations may address the strengths and weaknesses of a student's performance as well as describe any special projects or achievements. Evaluations may also provide information about the course and the criteria on which grades were based.

The combination of grades and performance evaluations is used at UC Santa Cruz for academic advising, reviewing scholarship applications, and awarding honors. Pioneered at UC Santa Cruz, this dual system of assessment is one of the most comprehensive methods of student evaluation available to undergraduates anywhere.

Q: What honors courses or programs are available?
A: UC Santa Cruz offers a variety of honors and enrichment programs, including:
  • Departmental and division honors and intensive programs
  • College honors
  • Field studies and internships
  • International, national, statewide, and UC-wide honor societies
  • Intensive programs of study
  • Other campuswide programs

For further information about these opportunities, see our Honors and Enrichment Programs web pages.

Q: What types of facilities exist at UC Santa Cruz?
A: UC Santa Cruz has many specialized facilities for the academic and extracurricular enrichment of its students:

Q: What academic programs are available off campus?
A: UC Santa Cruz offers exchange programs that enable students to study at other universities here and abroad, and field programs providing off-campus placements that give students the opportunity to gain experience related to their academic and professional interests and to participate in public service. Through the field-placement programs, students gain or refine practical skills not usually taught in the classroom and provide needed services to various organizations, groups, and businesses. Students can receive academic credit for courses taken at other institutions and for fieldwork completed through almost all of these programs.

In addition to the opportunities available through the programs described at the link below, internships are sponsored by UCSC's Career and Internship Services Center, and independent field study is available through many departments on campus.

For more information on these programs, please see the Field and Exchange Programs page.

Q: What classes does UCSC Extension provide?
A: UCSC Extension is an affiliated program that offers classes to professionals and members of the community. Many of these classes provide additional academic opportunities for UC Santa Cruz students. A complete description of the program and the classes offered is available at the UCSC Extension home page.