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Bachelor of Information Sciences (Computer Science) (2006)

  • Major and most papers available at Auckland (Albany)
  • Major and most papers available at Palmerston North (Turitea)
  • Some papers available at Wellington
  • Some papers available extramurally

The discipline of Computer Science involves the study of all phenomena surrounding computers. It is concerned not only with the machinery or hardware of computers, but also with the procedures and programs which bring them to life. Thus the subject embraces a wide range of topics taken from the fields of Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Philosophy and Linguistics, in addition to those topics created in their own right by the existence of computers.

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Computers permeate every aspect of our society, from the stock market to socialising via the Internet, from guiding space shots to helping you choose a colour scheme for a room. The prevalence of computers has provided unprecedented job opportunities in this area world-wide.

What is Computer Science and how will it help in your career prospects? Computer Science is the study of all aspects of computer systems, from the theoretical foundations to the very practical aspects of managing large software projects. You will study logic, algorithms, how computers are designed, networking, how computers are programmed and how very complex systems can be specified, designed and verified. No prior computing skills are required although a quick and logical mind is necessary to succeed in this field.

Computer Science encompasses such activities and pursuits as artificial intelligence and expert systems, database structures, speech recognition, computer graphics and image processing, human computer interfaces, word processing, office automation, robotics, computer-aided design and manufacturing, electronic publishing, data communications, microelectronic design, and numeric processing. Worldwide, there is a shortage of suitably qualified people to work in these areas: a shortage that is expected to continue for many years to come. Massey University offers a comprehensive range of papers at the undergraduate level, covering the entire discipline of computer science.

Career opportunities

Computing professionals, whose work is concerned directly with computers, include applications and systems programmers, systems analysts and designers, systems and database managers, university lecturers and teachers, and independent computer consultants. A BSc or BInfSc with a major in Computer Science is a preparation for such a career.

Professional computer users are scientists, engineers etc. who spend much of their time working with computers within their chosen professions. The need for people suitably skilled for such positions, with strong supporting studies in computing in addition to their professional discipline, has increased in recent years. Computer Science can be taken as a supporting subject and double majors are possible.

For additional careers information visit the Careers website.

Student profile

"Completing a Graduate Diploma in Information Science at Massey has created many opportunities for me. The flexibility of the programme allowed me to cover the core programming papers for a computer science major as well as the wide range of other subjects, from network systems to database management systems. The equipment and software available at Massey was excellent and gave me experience with current versions of popular industry tools.

This qualification has lead to my current position as a software engineer for a New Zealand based international software firm. My current work involves developing web-based java applications for use in hospitals. Working for an international company allows opportunities to work overseas and gain experience in different environments. This work is varied and rewarding and my time at Massey has been invaluable to me in this role."

Renae is currently working as a Software Engineer for Orion Systems International.

"During the four years I have spent at Massey University, I have enjoyed life as a student immensely and have been able to pursue my passion for computers and their inner workings.

The first few weeks were a bit overwhelming because of the differences between university and school, but I quickly settled into hostel life and found the lecturers to be enthusiastic teachers who were always willing to help.

My Honours year (2002) was very challenging and interesting. Smaller class sizes meant we were able to get to know the staff really well. We were provided with real world assignments which put to use all that we had been taught over the previous three years. I feel confident that with the skills and knowledge I have obtained I am well prepared for whatever developments Information Technology may hold and the part that I, myself, might now be able to play in those developments.

I am currently working for Telecom."

Entry requirements

There are no special entry requirements for the Computer Science programme beyond those that qualify you to study at Massey University. However, it is an advantage to have studied Mathematics at the Year 12 and Year 13 levels.

For general Massey University entry requirements see Are you eligible to enrol?

Major information

See the Bachelor of Information Sciences (Computer Science) Major Information page.


See the Bachelor of Information Sciences (Computer Science) Contacts page.

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