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» AG Lite
Apr 18, 2006 11:56 pm

I'm sure that, in the natural process of scrolling down to read this, you've seen the little black and white comicstrip sitting quietly beneath our usual full-color content. This is Applegeeks Lite. The name implies what we intend - a standard, 4 panel newspaper-style comic, where the focus is humor (although, as always, we leave that case-by-case judgement up to you guys). The system will work like this: the newest comic gets posted up where you see, and if you click on it, it will link out to it's own delightfully minimalist site, where you are free to scroll through the archive. This conveniently keeps the front page of Applegeeks from getting too cluttered with navigation.

Now a moment of your time, if I may. While this has been a vague idea on the backburner for a long time, credit must go where credit is due - the awesome format and setup of the comic on the site is all Jamie. Jamie Noguchi does Angry Zen Master, and he also does his AZM Minis, which are a more random style of strip, often not pertaining to the standard fare of AZM. The idea behind AG Lite, and the AZM minis, is to provide a potential escape from the story and plot of the larger format comic. This is where we can make pop culture references, attempt non sequiturs, and speak directly to the audience by hammering through that dreaded fourth wall. While AG Lite may one day bear the insufferable marks of continuity, it will never turn into a serious storyline. The extent might be - for example - a moldy piece of pizza in the fridge gaining sentience and terrorizing the denizens of the house. And none of the story arcs will be long-winded. Above all, we hope to keep AG Lite dedicated to randomness and humor.

Oh yeah, the update schedule is Wednesday and Friday! I know, we have the wierdest update schedule ... but now we update just about every day of the week. Tuesday and weekends is when we take a break. ;)

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