Academic Grammar of New Persian

Dr. Navid Fazel,

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2. The Lexeme (واژه) >> 2•1. The Noun (اسم) >> 2•1•5. The Pronoun (ضمير) >> 2•1•5•1. The Number (شماره) >> 2•1•5•1•1. The Numeral (شماره‌یِ آمارشی)

2•1•5•1•1•3. The Decimal Numeral (شماره‌یِ اعشاری)

These numerals are expressed by means of the following methods:


2•1•5•1•1•3•a. The digits to the left and to the right of the decimal point are composed coordinatively as cardinal numerals with the monadic conjunction “momayyez”:

دو مميّز سه do momayyez se

ده مميّر بيست‌وپنج dah momayyez bistopanj



2•1•5•1•1•3•a•a. If the first digits to the rightof the decimal point are zeros, the decimal numeral is expressed in this manner:

يک مميّز صفر سه yek momayyez sefr se

چارده مميّر دو صفر يازده čārdah momayyez do\sefr yāzdah


2•1•5•1•1•3•b. The mathematical decimal numerals can also be expressed like fraction numbers or mixed numerals. Grammatically, they do not count among the decimal numerals in the below cases:

يک و دودهم yek o do\dahom

بيست‌وپنج و سه‌صدم bistopanj o se\sadom

2•1•5•1•1•3•c. Measure with Decimal Numerals:


The decimal numerals are attached to the noun to be measured by means of the reverse structure of the quality genitive:

دو مميّز دوازده گرم do momayyez davāzdah\ geram


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