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New Cult activity attracts attention at Pitt
New Church leaders condemn cult; University takes action to protect student body
New Group accused of cult status
New Distorted Devotion
Cult awareness panel discusses religious group
  'Toxic Christianity,' or God's modern-day movement?
  Campus warned of cults
  Under Their Thumb: High Pressure Groups on Our Campus
  Church Cult on Campus?
  E-board rejects purpose of Bible Talk
  Some call a local church "cult-like"
  Soldiers of the Cross
  Cult masquerading as church, stepfather says
True Believers

Boston U. Alumnus Warns of Cults
Concerns surfacing about new religious organization recruiting on campus
A controversial church preaches to models
Join Us or You Will Go to Hell
New Sect Scandal

Cult targets Oxford students

Experts Combat Destructive Influence of Cults
Letters to the Editor of Christianity Today: The Controversial ICC
Daughter in Sect, Family in Tears
God on Campus
From the Diamondback: Cults at the University of Maryland
Concerned About Campus Cults, Colleges Arm Students With Facts
Letter to the Editor Regarding the L.A. Church of Christ
Breaking Out? Or Breaking Down?
Boston Church Still on Campus
Caught in a Cult
Cult Control
A Closer Look: The price we pay
Church group recruits
Controversial Church Gives First Service *unavailable 13 July 1998
Experts Combat Destructive Influence of Cults (Daily Cardinal) *unavailable 19 May 1998
Minister Reaches Out to Campus
(CSUDH) REAL Bible Club May be Linked to Cult Practices
School's Out for Sinister London Cult; Cult Friction
(CSUDH) Students Face Disciplinary Action for Removal of Flyers


American Sect Draws Moscow Youth
BU's Scientology Connection *unavailable 19 May 1998
Commission evaluates 'cult-like' organization
Cult or Personality?
Spreading word of true Christianity
A long history of religious persecution
Victims of a Vicious Cycle. Why Cult Awareness is So Important
Washington Post: Campus Crusaders
Religious Cult used UK funds to bribe Indonesian Police

Expert teaches students to avoid dangers of cults
Cults target Ivy freshmen
San Francisco Foghorn: Campus Cults Exposed *unavailable 26 December 1997
ASU fears cults on campus
Auckland U. Christians to Disaffiliate 'Cult'
Church seeks to proselytize Yalies
Uni Christians to disaffiliate 'cult' by Shannon Lindsay
Students Warned of Cults
Teens Learn Dangers of Cults *unavailable 19 May 1998

The Daily Targums: Campus-advance 
Banned student cult 'eyeing South-west'
Mercy for sinners, welcome for lookalikes, and anxious claims of mind control
Cult's sour note at Albert Hall
'Brainwash' sect enlists Elgar for its Prom debut
'Brainwash' sect seeks converts at Albert Hall

Alpha Omega's tactics questioned
Boston Church of Christ Recruiting on Campus
C-U Cult Update
Cult sued by former chaplain
Cult 2 Story (Minneapolis)
Dangers of cult perplex NIU officials
Dont' Trust the ICC's Claims of Reform
Hearings into cults start
London ICC Mission funding revealed on tape
Unchristian behaviour
Worry over 'disciples' as church sect expels 400

Allegations ignite controversy toward Bible study group
Student Life receives additional complaints about religious group

Group's Mind Control Failed to Work 
Students in dorms say ministry lures the weak

WILG Acts on complaints about BCC

BCC recruitment tactics subject of controversy
BCC Tactics Mind Control?
Obey, Bear Fruit, Be Happy
Leaving the Flock

Boston Church
Church evangelists' approach to MU students Stirs Concern
Come All Ye Faithful
Picketers Protest

Hierarchy of Discipling Churches  

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