Naturopathic Medicine is a distinctively natural approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of the whole person. Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes the treatment of disease through the stimulation, enhancement, and support of the inherent healing capacity of the person. The treatments are chosen to work with the patient's body, respecting the intelligence of the natural healing process.

The practice of Naturopathic Medicine emerges from six underlying principles of healing. These principles are based on the objective observation of the nature of health and disease, and are continually reexamined in light of scientific analysis. It is these principles that distinguish the profession from other medical approaches:

Identify and treat the cause
Every illness has an underlying cause. These causes must be discovered and removed or treated before recovery can begin. While modern medicine works to suppress symptoms, Dr. Kannankeril is trained to find and remove the underlying causes of illness.
The ultimate goal of any health care system should be prevention. Dr. Kannankeril assesses environmental and hereditary risks, then educates patients about appropriate choices. Patients are taught tools for living a healthy life and preventing minor illnesses from becoming more serious or chronic, degenerative diseases.
Treat the whole person
Any imbalance in body, mind or spirit affects the entire person. Health and disease result from complex interactions of physical, mental, emotional, genetic, social, environmental and lifestyle factors. Dr. Kannankeril takes all of these factors into account when designing personalized and comprehensive treatments.
The healing power of nature
The body has the inherent ability to establish, maintain, and restore health. Dr. Kannankeril's role is to facilitate and augment this process, to act to identify and remove obstacles to health and recovery, and to support the creation of a healthy internal and external environment.
The physician as teacher
Beyond an accurate diagnosis and appropriate prescription, Dr. Kannankeril works to create a healthy, sensitive interpersonal relationship with the patient. She educates her patients about their health and encourages self-responsibility in their healing processes.
First do no harm
Dr. Kannankeril uses the least invasive treatments to minimize risks of harmful side effects.