Press Release
For Immediate Release and Distribution
November 25, 2005
Scouting for All
Contact: Scott cozza, Pres
Tel: 707-778-0564

Congressional Leaders Support Scouting for All
End Discrimination Within The Boy Scouts of America / President Bush Should Step Down As The Honorary President of The Boy Scouts of America


November 1, 2005
Scouting for All
National Headquarters
PO Box 2832
Petaluma, California 94953

I cannot attend the press conference because the House is in session and I am not able to get off the Hill. So I am sending instead this statement of my gratitude and admiration for Steven Cozza and the work he is doing through Scouting for All. I continue to be deeply disappointed that the Boy Scouts of America betrays its own professed mission of bringing out the best in young people by perpetuating this unfair and unjustified discrimination based on sexual orientation and religious belief. Clearly, there is zero reason to think that atheists or gay males are in any way unsuited for the work that the Boy Scouts do. I note that in its justification of the exclusion of people like me from any role in scouting, the Boy Scouts do not even allege that the problem is that of sexual abuse, but rather simply that they disapprove of us and believe that we do not meet their moral standard. And, of course, the discrimination against young males who have the independence of mind to come to their own religious conclusions with which the Boy Scouts disagree is a great violation of the spirit of freedom and tolerance that all Americans should defend.

I was disappointed that President Clinton refused to acknowledge the shortcomings of the Boy Scouts in this regard, and I call on President Bush to accept this invitation to move beyond his predecessor in this important area of human rights.

Leona Atkins
Executive Assistant
Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA 04)
2252 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515


Scouting for All
P.O. Box 2832
Petaluma, California 94953

While I am unable to attend your press conference Thursday, please accept my appreciation and support for the important work of Scouting for All.

The Boy Scouts of America policy of discriminating against homosexuals and atheists is contradictory to the Federal Government's support for diversity and tolerance and should not be condoned as patriotic, charitable, or educational.

An organization that claims that its mission is to "instill in young people lifetime values and develop in them ethical character," and to "train young people in citizenship, service, and leadership" does a disservice to our nation when it teaches young people that it is okay to discriminate against someone based on their sexual orientation or their religious convictions.

I hope that President Bush will denounce these discriminatory policies.

Barbara Lee, D-CA
Nathan Britton, Communications Director
Office of Congresswoman Barbara Lee
1724 Longworth House Office Bldg.
ph 202 225-2661
fax 202 225-9817


WASHINGTON Today, U.S. Representative Pete Stark (D-CA, 13th) offered the following statement of support to Scouting For All.

"I stand with Scouting for All in calling for the Boy Scouts of America return to their roots of instilling the values of good citizenship and teaching life skills to all Americans who wish to join.

"If, instead, the organization continues to sanction discrimination on behalf of its right-wing financial backers, then the federal government has a moral and Constitutional duty to sever all financial and symbolic ties to the organization. That would be a shame, because there are plenty of exclusive organizations in this country dedicated to intolerance, but far too few that bring kids of all backgrounds together to share in meaningful life experiences."

Drew Nannis, Washington, DC Office
Thursday, November 3, 2005 (202) 225-5065


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