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T-shirt Art Flyer Exhibit

The "T-shirt Art Flyer Exhibit is small flyers - each with one of forty-four different images on the flyer front by a mix of Chicago and international artists passed out as a public display of art. On the back of each flyer is a promotional message.

It is a promotion for, the website of the Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center (UM-CAC). It is also an organizing tool to promote UM-CAC's art activities and a better environment for the arts in Chicago. The "T-shirt Art Flyer Exhibit" has evolved from attempts in the early 1990's to promote the many artists exhibiting in UM-CAC's "Art of the T-shirt" exhibit series each summer in north-side public libraries. When re-showing these 1993 library exhibits at the Chicago Cultural Center, UM-CAC posted fliers, each with one of 24 different black & white t-shirt designs from their Screen Print Workshop for Artists which was only one year old at that time. In the mid-1990's Chicago made posting flyers illegal in Chicago. This forum is no longer allowed citizens. UM-CAC has found a solution in its T-shirt Art Flyer Exhibit.

This time around, UM-CAC has increased the number of works of art on flyers. Twenty-eight of the present Flyer Art works come from ART-ACT - a pro-diversity, theme exhibit that is building a mountain of visual evidence in support of diversity with artists from around the world continuously contributing art. UM-CAC's free Screen Print Workshop for Artists, now 13 years old, provides the other 16 images. Blink and the number of images contributed by both sources will rise.

Volunteers are being organized to pass-out the T-shirt Art Flyer Exhibit at art and music festivals. These humble T-shirt Art Flyers all point back to where more art awaits the viewer. On the website you can read about the experiences of artists and volunteers presenting the T-shirt Art Flyer Exhibit in public by subscribing to the T-shirt Art Flyer Exhibit Newsletter.


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