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Enable a sort of caret navigation for opera 9.

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Assign this to the k ctrl shortcut in opera, to turn it off, press k ctrl again.

Focus page & Go to page,"javascript:if(document.designMode=='on'){void(document.designMode='off');}else{void(document.designMode='on');}"

Needs javascript to be enabled of course.

Some opera 9 logostuff

Enjoy P:

Look into those eyes!!!

With all the acid2 buzz coming to an end with Opera 9, I'd thought I'd copy and paste the eyes with the keyboard shortcut in designMode.

Highlight Bookmarklet for 9.

javascript:document.designMode='on';  document.execCommand('hilitecolor', false, 'yellow');document.execCommand('forecolor', false,'black');document.designMode='off';void (0)

Make this a bookmark and click it when you need it, in 9.
To highlight selected text in 9 :smile:
Enjoy :smile:

Creating a bar(using userjs) for opera

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Opera doesn't have the abilty to create third party toolbars in a sense of grabbing variables and putting them inside its own UI, here is a short tutorial in how to create your own 'toolbar' using the power of UserJS.

First of all, define a variable to the bar that is created.
For example;

var toolbar = document.createElement('div');

Then add a style to the bar you have made, make sure positioning and height/width is defined and imo its better to have it like this:

toolbar.style='position:fixed;top:0;background-color:white;border:1px dotted black;';

And for reference, its best to add an id to the bar as reference for later.


And to add the html content, use innerHTML. Like this:

toolbar.innerHTML='< a href="http://my.opera.com">opera community site</ a>';

And finally, append the bar to the page!

Don't use document.body as that takes in account the current pages style. Use document.documentElement instead; like this.


Source panel(sort of)

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Using a bit of Cross document messaging its possible to comminucate between different documents, using the power of UserJS I made a sort of source panel :smile: .



With the html page, all you do is type in an address, and upon pressing Go, opera will open the page, and when the document fully loads, the pages source is viewed inside the html page, It works inside the panel too.. so the best bet is to bookmark the html page or save it, install the userjs file, and instruct the html page to open a site you want the source from and voila.. thats it :smile: When the source is grabbed. The window opened will be closed :smile: Thats all there is to it.

EDIT: For all those trying it out, it is b0rked currently in 9p1, :smile: works in 8 and above i think :smile:

New Flashblock.css with extra features.

It blocks flash, iframes until clicked, also when shift is pressed when you hover over an img/inactive flash/inactive iframe, it allows it to be opened in a new window.

Enjoy :smile:


Edit: Now applied for java applets.

Distinguishing between opening new windows on a page and where ever else.

When navigating around Opera and you want to be able to do a supersearch for example, using the recent javascript options, its been impossible to remove the empty page with the javascript: uri inside it. Here's ways of how to disable it at any cost.

1. Always void when opening a new window. This way doesnt allow the original page to be overwritten. Example below:


Which opens about:blank in a new window. and the original web page stays intact.

2. Use an if function to check if the window's location protocol opened is javascript: and target the self or open a new window accordingly.

 javascript:if(location.protocol=='javascript:'){alert('Opening page on javascript protocol');window.self.location='about:blank';}else{alert('Opening in new window');window.open('about:blank')} 

3. Use same method of checking for javascript: protocol in 2, but instead of setting a window.self.location, use window.close() instead.


That should help in the steps of making a supersearch or simalar method of opening windows without the useless blank page. :smile:

zIndex tabbed interface testcase.


Basically it looks like a tabbed browser, well a little, basically the buttons call specific tabs, the address bar basically changes the page address based on the tab focused. Enjoy :smile:

Only works in Opera V9p1


Betfair userjs

As i mentioned in my previous blog post using css as a workaround for betfair, this wasnt specific to a frame or address. Which broke some parts of the page plus probably countless other pages out there. With a userjs i was able to fix the parts that needed fixing. So betfair should now be fully functional now with this userjs in action, posted at userjs.org :smile:


Enjoy :smile:

Testing designmode.

This testcase for working designmode should work with Opera, it should also demonstrate that the z-index bug with Objects/Iframes/Embeds is fixed in 9 preview 1, to start designmode, just press the forward button, and to stop press the stop button.


Ctrl + B/I/U should handle Bold/Italic/Underline respectively.

I'll see about adding more features as time goes by.

New: Click the Go link to change the URL via a prompt.


In Opera 9 preview 1, there have been a lot of changes, although some have stayed under the hood and are not mentioned, one of those not mentioned in the changelog was autofill, although the current implementation is a bit primitive at the moment, I've have devised a test case which Opera 9 preview 1 works with, all you need to do is enter your personal information in preferences >> Wand and try using the wand on the testcase link below.


When the wand is clicked on that page for example, it doesnt submit the form. Which is a good thing.

What do you think?

Opera and betfair problems? Workaround

Currently, Betfair seems to do magic tricks with the content when browsing with Opera, to fix this add this to your user stylesheet:

height: auto !important;

This should make betfair reappear!

NOTE: However this does shrink the Iframes in the "My Account Section" so switch between author/user mode when viewing there :smile:

My First Journal Post

Used Opera for a while now, about 6 months, i got into opera because i like tweaking and mucking about with things(as people do) :smile: . Using the BlueXP setup, and i have used the search panel as an extra toolbar. I can use this at college too, through a USB stick and an opera on a stick installer file (thx Jarrah! :smile: I hopefully wont touch IE with my bare hands at home ever again P:.
FireFox and Opera are the best!

Anyway enough of that, I have work experience this week, just ending my first week, learning about Imacs, 'ghosting' and in general plugging PC's into a network.

I can't remember anything else right now, see ya!

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