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Sports Talk
Week 7 - Term 2 Sport at Auckland Grammar School at this time of year is always centred on the Grammar versus King's College clash. In what is now a three game Tradition...
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The 1st 50 Grammar All Blacks
The 1st 50 Grammar All Blacks celebratory dinner was a huge success with 1000 guests having a wonderful evening at Sky City.
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Henry Cooper Book
In the last issue of Ad Augusta we announced the launch of the most substantial AGS publication since Ad Augusta appeared in 1969, Henry Cooper of Auckland Grammar School...
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Enrolment Scheme for 2006


(Information provided by the Board of Trustees)

1. Auckland Grammar School is a renowned school of distinct character and achievement with strong links to a widespread and diverse community which has supported the School for 137 years.

2. Its founding legal document was the Auckland Grammar School Appropriation Act 1868 and its founding Charter dates back even further to the Sir George Grey Trust Deed of 1850 which, amongst other significant characteristics, stated that "persons of all classes or races who may inhabit this colony are to be in all respects equally admitted..."

3. As befits a Grammar School, the Deed also stressed the need for the widespread teaching of languages and, in particular, "instruction in Latin".

4. The current approved Charter of the School has built on those special characteristics of Auckland Grammar School by recognising that:

"The School community cannot be defined in geographical terms. It is characterised not only by those boys and their guardians who live in the local community, but also by others deriving from the wider New Zealand region and overseas. It also includes as vital components Staff, Friends and Old Boys of the School who are widely distributed throughout the community and the world".

5. In addition, the Charter of Auckland Grammar School emphasises the following unique factors that contribute to the renowned character of Auckland Grammar School, namely:

(a) Auckland Grammar School will continue to provide State secondary education from Form Three to Form Seven for boys only, recognising the preference and indeed imperative requirement for single-sex education by the School community.

(b) Auckland Grammar School will continue to provide boys with a rigorous academic education. Each boy is expected to pursue excellence in acquiring the knowledge and skills and the sense of values which the School has always provided.

(c) The School will insist on the pursuit of all-round excellence in academic, sporting and cultural activities, encouraging each boy to recognise and develop his individual potential to the full and to gain pride and satisfaction through setting demanding personal goals and striving to attain them.

6. Two other facts are also relevant in determining that character of our Enrolment Scheme:

(a) The geographic location of Auckland Grammar School in the centre of the city and with easy access to main transportation routes and a variety of forms of transport.

(b) The fact that Auckland Grammar School is the only State boys' school on the Auckland Isthmus, the result being that the demand for entry to the School by parents seeking a quality single sex education for their sons is enormous and is perhaps exceeded by no other school in the country.

7. The character of the Enrolment Scheme for the 2001 school year does however differ from the enrolment schemes of the School during the past decade. Those earlier enrolment schemes did not impose any street-by-street zone but instead recognised the sphere of influence which the School primarily serves. That sphere resulted in the composition of the School being wide-ranging in terms of race and socio-economic background - a composition which reflected not only the provisions of the Sir George Grey Trust Deed but also the diversity of the population of the Auckland Isthmus. The practical effect of the enactment of the Education Amendment Act 2000, which amended the enrolment scheme provisions of the Education Act 1989, has been to put an end to the sphere of influence. In terms of s.28(2) of the Education Amendment Act 2000 the Ministry could have exercised its discretion so as to permit the School's sphere of influence to continue for the 2001 enrolment year, subject to a system of balloting for applicants from outside that sphere. The Ministry however chose not to adopt that course. Instead the Ministry gave statutory notice to the School under s.28(3) of the Education Amendment Act 2000 requiring the School to introduce a street-by-street home zone with associated balloting for out-of-zone applicants.

8. In order to preserve as far as practicably possible the notable characteristic of the composition of the School, the home zone prescribed in the Enrolment Scheme for 2001 generally reflects that sphere of influence which the School has traditionally served. It is acknowledged with real regret however that the likely effect of the amended statutory regime for enrolment schemes is to diminish to some extent that former wide-ranging racial and socio-economic composition of the School. The past experience of the School with a home zone indicates that rather than face the risk of a ballot system, increasing numbers of parents will choose to live in the home zone in an attempt to ensure that their sons have an entitlement to enrol at the School; that process is likely to result in increased residential property values in the zone, thereby reducing the socio-economic range served by the sphere of influence.

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