Pre X-Files

Ever wondered what Mulder was like before he met Scully? Before he found the X-Files? Why Skinner commented that "we were talking about you when you were in the Academy?" Why Bill Patterson needed Mulder on the gargoyles case?

Mostly these are of the same family as the Profiler Mulder stories, we are off chasing psychos. However these have no Mulder/Scully interaction, though Scully certainly plays an important role in some of them!

Out of the Shadows
Rated R | 103K | Category XA | December 96
It's 1991 and Mulder is working for Patterson in Behavioral but is about to get caught up in a string of cases that make him think it's time to leave. Scully is working at Quantico.

It's surprising how well Scully gets to know Mulder without him knowing anything about her! Very much a cop story with a very stressed out Mulder trying to keep afloat.

Case of Compromise
Rated PG | 147K | Category X | July 98
It's 1991, Mulder has the X-Files and no partner. Scully is working at Quantico. A senator's daughter goes missing and Mulder's life gets difficult. What initially looks like a straight X-File with a gentle dose of angst.

No M&S; together stuff in this. Popular with both Mulder and Scully fans (which is a good trick for a pre-XF where the twosome don't meet). Particularly enjoyed by cop story lovers.

First Impressions
Rated R | 44K | Category XA | February 96
Mulder has not yet joined the FBI. Bill Patterson calls him in to consult on a case involving telepathy.

Tense and quite dark.

Scar Tissue
Rated R | 215K | Category XA | December 98
It's 1988. When a kidnapper doesn't get paid, he drains his victims of blood. Mulder goes to help a colleague, but as the case gets more complicated so does Mulder's personal life.

Mulder in continuous battle against Bill Patterson, but this Mulder is trying to have a life (of sorts) and there's even a woman in his life. Surprisingly popular given the genre!

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