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Friday, 22 July 2005
Cross-platform, Open Source software for the Hauppage MediaMVP

Why do this?

I think the MediaMVP is a fantastic bit of kit, but has been let down
by the software supplied by Hauppage.  There are some serious
problems with it, some of which are fundamental architectural problems.

Firstly, the server software is Windows only.  Fine, I have a PC running
Windows at home, but not everyone does.  Growing numbers of people
are using OSX on Apple kit, or Linux on a whole range of devices, and
the Hauppage software leaves them out in the cold.

Secondly, the GUI on the MediaMVP is sluggish and unresponsive.
This is because it is rendered ( from HTML ) by the Windows PC,
and delivered to the MediaMVP using a slightly modified form of VNC.
Don't get me wrong - I love VNC,  I use it every day at work, and I
wouldn't be without it.  But this really is not the place to use it.

Thirdly, audio and video streams are delivered to the MediaMVP in
a somewhat proprietary manner.  They are delivered over TCP, which in
itself is not always a brilliant idea for media delivery.  This also limits
opportunities to use the MediaMVP with any other sources of streaming

Fourthly, although the Hauppage server software does support multiple
MVP's on the same network, it is forced to do so in a manner that is
somewhat wasteful of network capacity.  As the Hauppage software
sends media streams over TCP, they have no option but to use Unicast
delivery.  For example, if you are watching the same video stream on two
MVPs, the Hauppage software has to send this stream twice - once to
each MVP.  This uses more of the network's capacity.  Why not just
send it once and have both MVP's use the same stream?  Hauppage's
approach seriously limits the scaleability of the MVP.

Fifthly, because I enjoy doing this kind of stuff!

How does my software help?

1.  My software is based on published, recognised, widely implemented
Open Standards.  This means that you can now use the MediaMVP
regardless of what Operating System you choose to run.

2.  My software implements it's own GUI directly on the MediaMVP.
It is very fast and responsive, and I think it looks good too.  It makes
better use of the features available in the MediaMVP display hardware,
like Alpha / Transparency...

3.  My software enables the MediaMVP to receive standard MPEG
AV streams, as described in RFC2250.  Running my software, you
can receive RTP streams containing MPEG-2 Transport Streams
from any standards-compliant streaming server.  I recommend the
VideoLan Client, or dvbstream, or anything else you feel like using!
Additionally, you can use VLC's raw UDP encapsulation if you
feel your network doesn't really benefit from the features of RTP.

4.  My software enables the use of Multicast with the MediaMVP.
The MediaMVP becomes an IGMP client, and will listen to RTP
or raw UDP streams that are multicast onto your network.  This has
got to be more efficient than sending the same stream 10 times to
10 different MVPs!

Where can I get it?

You can download my software right here.

How do I use it?

There is a guide to running my iptv-mvp software here.
If you would like some assistance with streaming to the
MediaMVP from VideoLan Client, take a look here.

So it's GPL, hey where's the source code?

Right here.

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