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The Angela deposit, 25 km south of Alice Springs was discovered in 1973 and extensively drilled by Uranerz Australia in 1989, under a Uranerz-MIM joint venture. It has about 11,500 tonnes of U3O8 at 0.13%, spread over several kilometres in sandstone. The deposit is sometimes referred to as "Pamela".

The uranium deposit lies above the aquifer where Alice Springs draws its town water supply from.

After Uranerz departed from Australia in 1991, Angela was held under a retention licence, but this was relinquished due to prevailing Labor Government policy.

Uranium Australia NL, formerly Noble Resources, had applied for reinstatement of the tenement licence during 1997, but this was delayed pending the government's response to native title questions. The company wanted to recommence work on the deposit as soon as practicable.

Uranium Australia finally announced on July 13 (1998) that they had no plans to develop the Angela deposit, citing economic reasons and concerns over the possible re-election of the Labour Party to Canberra.

Information from the "The Gulliver File", Uranium Information Centre
and ABC's Northern Territory News website.

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