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Updated 5.7.06
On Friday night, April 28, 2006, the diesel-powered On-Board Dinner Train became the first revenue train to cross Bridge 6G (Brandywine Springs) since the flooding on September 15, 2003!! And on Sunday, May 7, the Valley Local became the first steam-powered train across the bridge, with 4-4-0 American-type No. 98 in the lead.

Contractor R.E. Pierson of Woodbury, New Jersey poured a new concrete pier to replace the original pier which had sunk into the ground after the flooding and knocked the bridge out of alignment. The reopening of Bridge 6G adds another 0.8 mile to the Wilmington & Western's route through the scenic Red Clay Valley. Click here to see photos of the Bridge 6G Rebuilding.

Bridge 7A (Hercules) will be the next bridge completed, and all subsequent bridges will allow for the opening of additional track.

At this time, all trains are running as far west as Faulkland, DE (Bridge 7A).

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