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Library - Society
DSM-IV and Pedophilia: What Did the APA Do?
The American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) had changed the criteria for defining pedophilia, sexual sadism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, etc. as treatable disorders only if the individual's behavior or desires "cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning." This was consistent with what the APA had done in seeking to legitimize homosexuality in 1973 when similar wording was applied to homosexuality.
Pedophilia No Longer a Disorder, Psychiatric Association Decides
It causes one to think. In declaring that pedophilia is not an aberration, perhaps the APA reveals that it -- the APA itself -- is aberrant.
Study of Twins Has Important Implications
The nature-nurture debate over the origins of homosexuality was fed an ample supply of grist last year with the publication of Simon LeVay's hypothalamus study and with the subsequent publication of a new study of twins.
Homosexuality and the Nazi Party
The pink triangle, symbol of the "gay rights" movement, is familiar to many Americans. As the badge used by the Nazis to designate homosexuals in the concentration camps, the pink triangle perfectly expresses the message of "gay rights."
Gender Identity Disorder
The past three decades have witnessed a well-publicized trend for certain vocal elements in education and the media in American culture to sharply question the legitimacy of many, if not all, sex role distinctions in the socialization of children.
The Gay Gene?
On July 15, 1993, National Public Radio (NPR) made a dramatic announcement on stations across the country: Was a team of scientists at the National Institutes of Health on the trail of a gene that causes homosexuality? Their report would be published the next day in Science, one of the two most prestigious scientific research journals in the world.
Homosexuality and the Truth: A Life Determined Before Birth?
Essentially, society has two views of homosexuality. The traditional view holds that homosexuality is an aberration, the orientation is a disorder, and the behavior is pathological. The opposing view is that homosexuality is a normal variant in the human condition, that it is determined before birth, and homosexual behavior is natural for those so oriented.
A Developmental View of Homosexuality
Whereas genetic and biological views consider homosexuality to be a matter of "nature", a developmental view considers it to be a matter of "nurture", something which develops because of the environment. How then, does homosexuality develop in a person?
Are Exodus Ministries Flaky?
A survey published on the Internet says that 70 percent of Exodus agencies have failed.
The High Cost of Change
In the world of homosexuals and those who love them, the word “change” is a hot button.
Setting the Record STRAIGHT
The REAL STORY concerning the history and involvement of Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper with Exodus International.
Why I Joined a Gay Club
Why a straight, Christian youth joined his high school's club for gay students.
Just Saying "No" is Not Enough
A panel of four leading Christian thinkers address what Christians have to say about homosexuality in the public arena and how they should say it.
Homosexual Causation: Nature or Nurture? (Part 2)
A continuation of the material from STRAIGHT & NARROW? by Thomas E. Schmidt (InterVarsity Press).
When Passions are Confused: Understanding Homosexuality
An excellent overview of the Scriptural perspective on homosexuality for the struggler, friend or interested church member (published by RBC Ministries).
Caught in the Middle: How to Talk About Homosexuality
How do you discuss the controversial issue of homosexuality at home, work or school without being labeled a "bigot" for defending the biblical viewpoint?
Homosexual Causation: Nurture or Nature? (Part 1)
Is homosexuality caused by genetic or other inborn factors? Or does it result from early life experiences and traumas after birth? In this detailed study, Professor Schmidt presents evidence that homosexuality is not caused by inborn factors like genetics. Excerpted from the book, STRAIGHT & NARROW? by Thomas Schmidt (InterVarsity Press).
Great Myths About Homosexuality
Certain statements about homosexuality are now widely accepted in our society. But are they really true?
Twin Studies: What Do They Show?
Studies of homosexuality among identical and non-identical twins have been widely publicized as "proof" that homosexuality is genetic. What do these studies actually show?
Homosexuality: Is It Just Another Lifestyle?
Gay activists say that their moral behavior is just as valid as heterosexuality. Is this really true?
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