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About Coal

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What is Coal

Coal is the world’s most plentiful fossil fuel. It is a mineral formed from the remains of land-based plants buried hundreds of millions of years ago and subjected to tremendous heat and pressure. Learn about coal, what it is, where it comes from, and Alberta's potential in this section.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for information on coal and how Alberta Energy manages this resource? This section provides you with quick answers to commonly asked questions related to both the industry and the resource of coal in Alberta.
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This a valuable section outlining current statistics regarding the potential of coal, the amount of coal remaining in Alberta, and much more.
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Coal Facts

Every year Alberta produces enough coal to fill the Sky Dome in Toronto once every two weeks. If you are looking for more interesting facts on coal, this section will provide it for you.
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Last Updated March 4, 2005

Energy Facts
Coal is a low-cost fuel for electricity generation and plays a major role in keeping power prices at reasonable levels. Alberta uses over 25 million tonnes of coal annually to generate more electricity.