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Cyberstein and Titan

Cyberstein and Titan

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See the demonstration of a lifetime. Witness a product that cannot be bought anywhere else on the planet!!! Discover the values and benefits of having a Cyberstein Robot in your own home!
Using the latest in “Audio Technology”, the Demonstrator switches on the Robot, and then downloads the programming from the Docking Stations computer unit.
Midway through the demonstration Cyberstein falls in love and decides to show off his memory capacity by serenading her with a song of her choosing. Things get a little out of hand and chaos ensues when Cyberstein decides to give her the rose he is holding!
It all ends with a must see rendition of My Way (dance moves and all!!)


Little is known about Cyberstein as he seems to be a bit of an unknown quantity. What we do know is that he started life as a flat pack, self assembly, silver, Cyberstein robot unit imported from an unknown source,
Designed, we think, primarily for domestic use, he is the first of his kind in the world to mimic humans. Cyberstein has been heard singing the odd tune here and there. Rumour has it that Cyberstein is quite an emotional character but what emotions we don’t know, although we have it on good authority that he is a bit of a ladies robot….


The Demonstrator, who has never sold a thing in his life, has put everything into this latest “cutting edge designed robot”, with the single ambition of selling thousands, to make his fortune. Now that he has finally finished assembling the first one, it is his mission to demonstrate it to the world. Unfortunately he hasn't quite wired it up correctly and every now and then it goes slightly wrong! Lucky he isn't too far away from his trusty spanner, which seems to remedy the problems, if only temporarily!!


With a top speed of over 278mph this is the first working Methane powered prototype in the world. Quite where the Methane comes from still remains a mystery.
It has a built in computer, controlled by voice recognition from the Demonstrator, which allows the safe download of information straight to the CPU in Cybersteins head.  


At eight feet tall Cyberstein is one of the most visually stunning Robotic Creations you are ever likely to see this side of the planet. Combined with the Demonstrator and his Docking Station, this is one Entertainment Package that can guarantee to stimulate audiences of all ages into a frenzy. With the ability to adapt and fit into any pre-planned event, our approach to clients is to give peace of mind by delivering our promise to reach the hearts and minds of all audiences.  We realise how valuable it is to make it an event to remember.


Known as the Robot Man in his hometown of Newquay in Cornwall, Nik Fielding first started creating Robot’s costumes back in 1987 to try and for fill a childhood dream to be a giant Robot.  Then in 1998 he crated Cyberstein.                            
After being spotted wearing the Robot in his local pub by the National media he was invited on to the Big Breakfast by Johnny Vaughn to explain his passion for Robots. Witnessed by millions channel 4 was then in fluxed with phone calls from people trying to book the him for parties, It was then that Cyberstein the performing Robot was born.

After just six months of performing, he was booked to be the in-house entertainment at the Millennium Dome. Cyberstein left a big impression in the hearts and minds of the millions that visited the spectacle.

It was at the Dome that Nik meet Anton who was also working there as a comedy street performer. After the Dome contract had ended Nik and Anton decided to team up together and take Cyberstein to the next level. Their goal has been to make it more than just an amazing walkabout, but to take it to the next evolutionary stage and make it into a street show.
 The result was a show that has toured the world entertaining people from all walks of life with the only walking talking, all singing all dancing Robot Show out there.

Is there someone inside the robot?
We cannot divulge this information (there is a clue in the next question!)

How long can you stay in the costume?
Our shows are about 35 mins long and we can do up to two show’s and a walkabout a day so that is pretty much as long as we can handle with out injuring ourselves.

How heavy is the costume?
The costume weighs in at 7½ stones or about 47Kg. So yes, quite heavy!

How much rest do you need between shows?
We need at least an hour between shows to recharge the robots batteries and more importantly our own!

What are your Set up times?
It takes no longer than 2 hours maximum.
What are your Staging Requirements?
Fully loaded the unit weighs 350kg and stands 2.2m high 1.5m wide. We can get through any door where there is wheel chair access. It is always a good idea to contact us before arrival.

What do you Require from us?
All we need from you is a secure changing area measuring 10ft by 10ft (3m-3m) and a
240v mains supply for charging batteries. Parking with easy access to the venue as we have a lot of equipment. In a lot of circumstances we will require security. This is for the publics safety as well as our own. A few bottles of water would be appreciated as it is very physical work. And that’s about it!

What about Travelling Abroad?
This is not a problem. Cyberstein is an International show and has performed all over the world.


Commonwealth Games
Millennium Dome           
Alton Towers   
Glastonbury Festival
Spraoi Festival
Allied Dumbar
Madam Tuasauds


Tony Blair – Outstanding

Johnny Vaughn – These guys are nutters, get them on the show

The Guardian – Has to be seen to be believed

P Y Gerbeau – Best thing I’ve ever seen

BBC – Visually Stunning

Carlton Television – Cyberstein is awesome

David Beckham – I want one!

Time Out – Brilliant



Street Festivals are very fast becoming our forte. After developing the Cyberstein show over the past few years we can now entertain audiences of all ages on mass, in excess of thousands people due to the shear power and volume of the Docking Station, which is basically a mobile stage complete with sound, lighting and smoke effects. Nothing comes close to this in the world!  We are to our knowledge the only street act that has its audience follow them back to the changing room, still wanting more!


If you want to give your employees a treat at your year end party, then Cyberstein will probably be the one thing they will remember most. It is the ideal way to break the ice and get every body in the mood to relax and enjoy themselves. We have developed a special Meet and greet act with the use of our specially imported Digital Sampler. It’s sure to get the ladies blushing!


With a lot of experience in this field we can offer three different types of entertainment here

Using the Docking Station we can travel up to ¼ mile away then stop perform our street show enabling you to distribute your promotional material to the people watching. We have been known to grind high streets to a stand still!

On the evening of the event, queues are always a problem, if you can create good atmosphere before they enter the club then you are always going to have a good night. With an excess of 4 different mini shows and pyrotechnics Cyberstein always creates the right atmosphere.

Once everybody settles in, what more to get everybody dancing and in the mood, than a giant Robot getting down on the dance floor with smoke pouring from his head while strutting his stuff!

This is an unforgettable marketing tool because it commands attention anywhere. No automated system comes close to the high-energy interaction we can achieve.
*Cyberstein can create amazing photo opportunities.
*Powerful sound for any venue.
*Create a magical atmosphere with Digital sound effects and music.
*LED display with 32 characters to put your name in lights.
*We can distribute your promotional material.
*Attract and amaze audiences of all ages.
*We can even travel up to ¼ mile away at speed enabling maximum coverage of the venue, even on grass.

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