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EU falls behind on green targets

New figures released on Thursday have revealed that the EU is falling far short of reaching its emissions targets under the international climate change treaty, the Kyoto Protocol. more>


Raise energy supplies, not taxes

The solution to our energy woes is not more taxes, but more energy from any of several sources, the most immediate being increased oil and gas production in the United States. more>


Warming to A Candidacy?

A few years ago a Los Angeles television anchor said: "Dodgers and Angels highlights at 11. Please watch anyway." Some viewers probably thought ABC should have said something like that when announcing Al Gore's extended interview on "This Week" last Sunday. more>


US Congress to Blame For High Energy Prices

Washington - In 1774, Irish statesman Edmund Burke told voters, "Your representative owes you not his industry only but his good judgment. And he betrays instead of serves you if he sacrifices his judgment to your opinion."  more>


You'll pay for 'windfall profit' tax on oil

Many in our nation's capital are discussing the possibility of re-instituting a windfall-profits tax on oil companies as a way to punish "Big Oil" for what is deemed to be excessive profits. However, this proposal would do only two things: provide additional revenues to the federal coffers and increase the strain on consumers. more>


Joining the Bandwagon as More Countries Support Asia-Pacific Partnership

High-ranking officials yesterday said that the government would prefer to develop a carbon emissions reduction strategy in accordance with the Asia-Pacific Part-nership on Clean Development and Climate (APP), rather than with the Kyoto Protocol -- a measure lauded by anti-Kyoto Protocol countries but condemned by environmentalists.  more>


Canada set to join climate pact

CANADA is likely to become the next country to join the six-nation Asian-based climate pact in what would be another important step towards establishing a post-Kyoto framework to cut greenhouse gases. more>


Revived windfall profits tax would hurt consumers

The halls of Congress are resonating with debate on issues relating to national energy policy, just as the headlines are replete with articles condemning high oil prices and past initiatives.  more>


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Studies and Reports

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New Study: The Economic Impact of a Windfall Profits Tax on Federal, State and Local Public Employee Pension Funds

Public employee pension plans are especially vulnerable to the costs of a windfall profits tax.  Because they hold a relatively large share of their assets in corporate stocks, including domestic oil and gas companies, state and local pension systems are more likely to suffer as a result of a new tax on American energy companies.  more>

Costs to the Nation under Proposed Federal Cap and Trade Legislation to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions

1 Million Jobs Lost Under McCain-Lieberman Carbon Caps; NCEP Measure will Cost U.S. Taxpayers $27 Billion per year. Open to See Full Cost to U.S. more>

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