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Day 2, Open Media Developers Summit II

by admin
 posted March 21st.
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The world of interactive and non-traditional media creation, distribution, consumption and interaction is exploding. New forms of delivery and consumption such as podcasting, video blogging and peer to peer along with technologies such as IPTV and the PVR/DVR are very much driving this growth.

Notably, this is occurring from the bottom up. Due to the wide availability of broadband internet access and the ever lowering cost of the tools to create media the tables have started to turn on traditional broadcast. The many are now afforded the abilities previously only available to a few. At the same time factors such as the changing regulatory environment and corporate consolidation threaten to end this revolution before it begins.

Day 2 is not just for developers — it’s a chance for “wonks to meet geeks, and geeks to meet wonks.” It will bring together (among others) the individuals and organizations working on open implementations of the technology that supports these current trends, media creators exploiting the new distribution channels created by these technologies, individuals and organizations working on the policy and academic front and everyone in between. Check out our Bridging the Policy/Development Gap blog post to learn about how we’re hoping to help these worlds connect.

Overall, it is our hope that by bringing these individuals and groups together on issues these technologies may be propelled and used to fulfill our common goals. Furthermore, we hope that face to face meetings will encourage collaboration, help to determine overall future direction and ultimately create a sense of togetherness within a diverse group of participants.

As a participant you will tell us (the conference organizers) what it is you would like out of a summit such as this so as to help us determine the event’s final structure. One thing that is certain now, this will be a truly participatory environment. The sessions will not have speakers or panels but will instead be moderated discussions amongst the entire group as well as smaller working groups. The topics will cross the boundaries of creation, distribution, consumption and interaction.

You can follow the schedule in the wiki as it is finalized.

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    Help post notes on the IRC channel irc.freenode.net#beyondbroadcast

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