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Beth Hunter

Earth mother. Friend of those in need. Salt of the earth. Saint. Doormat. Basically, Beth Sutherland tries to out-Pippa Pippa (ask your big sister) at every opportunity and doesn't often fall short of the mark. She can change a bawling baby's nappy, hoover the ceiling and whip up a big enough meat and potato pie to feed her forty-strong family without batting an eyelid. Oh, and she'll still find the time to discuss her feelings and knit her own yoghurt. A domestic goddess she may be, but don't assume that she's a downtrodden woman at the mercy of a man! Because she isn't. Well, that's what she tells herself, at least...

Beth married Jack Hunter before she turned eighteen and had her eldest son Scott ten months later. Four other children followed, and together they spent their years tilling the soil of a farm. But Jack is now dust; the ranch has been sold; and Beth's sheep-dagging days are long behind her. Now separated from Rhys Sutherland too, Beth is a full-time barmaid and part-time drudge, waiting for her children to finally grow up. When they do, will she be able to put herself first for once? Not if she keeps turning a blind eye every time she's cheated on.

Beth Hunter is played by Clarissa House

Born in Melbourne and raised in Perth, Clarissa moved to Sydney in 1985 to attend NIDA. In Perth, Clarissa completed a BA in journalism and theatre arts at the WA Institute of Technology (now Curtin University). After graduating, Clarissa worked in children's theatre and education at the Perth Playhouse for a year before making the move to Sydney.

Clarissa is no stranger to television, having various credits to her name, with Home and Away being her first ongoing role. Credits include State Coroner, Blue Heelers, All Saints, Young Lions and White Collar Blue to name a few.

Before the role on Home and Away, Clarissa was studying Horticulture Design at Tafe part time. Clarissa did this for one term but has had to defer her studies to take up the role of Beth, but hopes to be able to get back into it at some stage. Clarissa also loves horses and has been horse riding all her life.

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